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Serioushunter1 04-12-2006 11:43 AM

RE: Ford F-150
The funny thing is...... I have owned a 90 Chevy Truck, 97Toyota Tacoma 4X4, and I traded a 2000 Dodge 1500 SLT 4X4 for my Ford that I am currently driving.So therefore I am educated in the vehicle in which I say is the better of the four trucks I have own. Trust me it isFORD hands down.

AntlerAddict07 04-12-2006 04:07 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I was kind of looking at Rangers...but as timberghost said i dont really like how small they are. A guy I hunt with has a ranger that he just bought its a 98 and its just too small for me I like driving bigger things.

I would keep my expedition but i just like having a bed and like the supercrews a lot so I think thats what im going to end up getting, I'm actually going to look at an '02 white lariat 4x4 in a few minutes so ill let u guys know how that goes. thanks for all the input.

270sniper 04-12-2006 05:35 PM

RE: Ford F-150
Think before you buy, with gas prices going up to $3.00 this summer. I may have to sell my Nizzan titan because I get 9 mpg in the city & 14 on the hwy.

AntlerAddict07 04-12-2006 07:18 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I went and looked at that truck, they wanted 18,000 for it. So i passed because im looking for something around 13-15000 ill put a 3 grand down payment on it so my payments will be about 250-300 which wont be too terribly bad. Yeah last weekend i spent 100 dollars in gas for the expedition, but i like driving big trucks,suv's etc. I wouldn't drive anything else.

PSEMuzzy 04-12-2006 07:24 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I wouldn't stoop low enogh to buy a FORD, they are nothing short of JUNK! I have a couple of hunting buddies that (used) to own FORD's and they got rid of them because they were JUNK!
I personally have a full size RAM DODGE and haven't had any problems at all. Most of the people/ hunters up here in the Northeast usually drive Chevy's or Dodge..........wouldn't catch many people in FORD's that's for sure.
Happy hunting!

AntlerAddict07 04-12-2006 07:42 PM

RE: Ford F-150
I have an 02 expedition and i love it. the only reason im getting rid of it is cuz i like trucks better. All i will ever drive is a ford. Thats all my dad, neighbors, and entire family drive and we all love them. I was mudding with a few of my buddies and my expedition pulled out my buddies f-350 without a problem. Fords are awesome trucks and i would not be caught dead in anything but a ford, but thanks for the input anyway.

Serioushunter1 04-13-2006 10:57 AM

RE: Ford F-150
Well I am glad that you are so very proud of your Dodge and you are welcome to your opinion. But since I have owned and driven four different trucks I can make my determination based on my "own" personal expirences not based on word of my buddies, family, etc.

wyotimberghost 04-13-2006 11:35 AM

RE: Ford F-150

ORIGINAL: 270sniper

Think before you buy, with gas prices going up to $3.00 this summer. I may have to sell my Nizzan titan because I get 9 mpg in the city & 14 on the hwy.
Ouch. That would hurt the wallet. I can't believe you get that bad of fuel economy, though. My dad bought an 05 Titan crew cad with the offroad package, and he gets 18mpg on the highway. Only time he gets close to 9mpg is when he pulls his 1985 24' travel trailer over the continental divide.

skeeter 7MM 04-13-2006 12:54 PM

RE: Ford F-150
Had a 98 lariat sclease was decent had some small issues, needed 2 starters within the first few months and had the brakes done anumber oftimesduring the lease period, squealled like a stuck pig till the finally replaced the rotors and pads. Gas mileage was good empty 22, average 18 - when moderately loaded and suffered when taxed but no different that any of the 5.3 engine class. 4x4 system was decent but my 99 chev was much better in this regards as far as stock 4x4. I am sure though you'll mod it if your going to do serious mudding or buy a winch!

Since your only looking at fords, one caution is oil filter placement. My buds 00- F150had the oil filter behind the front bumper, no big deal until we slipped offthe road while returning home from hunting. Little to our knowledge the plastic shroud brokerearwards causing a smallpuncture inthe oil filter and well we had some serious problems not to far down the road. Ended up getting a new motor through insurance. I hear they reloacted the oil filter but not sure when this happened(year). I do know a relocation kit can be installed as my bud made the dealer do this when installing the new motor. The dealer was very familar with the design flaw and had seen it more than once. Really makes you wonder why they wouldn't have at least let the buyer know this info, just in case to double check before rolling. I know prior to that the last thing I thought about was where the oil filter was located. I do know my 98 was under the front tire well so equally unsure of when this switch was made in 150 between my 98 - up.

As far trucks everybody has their preferences. My current 04' ram has been trouble free in 50,000 miles. My pet peeve with this bugger at -30 is it clucks under the box when hitting bumps, temp rises and it goes away. Truck gets 18loadedand 20 empty, if lucky..5.7 hemi. Power not a concern for my usage. I have ran 1/2or 3/4Dodge, Chev and Fords, they all have their good and bad points. My least favorite ford F150and best bang chevy pre-vortex.

PSEMuzzy 04-13-2006 04:23 PM

RE: Ford F-150 loc=isp-40&related=off&from=money

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