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Shotgun hog ammo

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Default Shotgun hog ammo

Would #4 Buckshot be good for hogs at close range? I have a Carlson's Coyote choke that I can shoot #4 buckshot out of. I also have 1 oz rifled slugs(these are my primary ammo with my rifled choke for deer) Just wondering if the #4 buck would be good to have as a backup ammo or should I use 00 buck as my backup ammo? (A group of them was seen not to far from me so I want to be ready) I already know buckshot works for smaller hogs, but what about bigger hogs (say 150+) Not sure how the #4 buck will preform on hogs beings a small pellet compared to 00/000 buck. I would think with a head shot at close range (25 yards max) they would be good.
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I've never tried Buckshot on Hogs, my instinct says no. I have used slugs and they work well. Hogs are different than Deer and other larger game, they have a higher resistance to shock and their hide is self-healing. IMO unless you got lucky it is doubtful you'd bring down a Hog with any sort of Buck at likely distances.
The common local wisdom says the bigger the better for Hogs. You never can tell when a Five+-year-old Boar is going to wander by and you don't want to be under-gunned. Also the bigger the hole in and out the better if you have to track one. They have self-healing hide and a wound can pucker shut and stop the bleeding pretty quickly. You have to figure they are basically tanks that can barrel through thickets at speed, their hide has to be tough.
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Id strongly suggest,after 5 decades of hunting hogs,
if your using buckshot stick to double ought shot size ,
and under about 35 yards in range if you intend on getting good results
thats been good advice even when I use my 10 ga semi auto ithaca
1 3/4OZ slug loaded for stationary first shots followed by two 18 pellets 00 buckshot shells in the magazine
a 12 ga works, but it's not quite as effective especially once ranges exceed 35 yards
now obviously smaller hogs under let's say 100 lbs maybe a bit easier to kill
than larger versions but most hogs are shot in fairly thick brush
and can go some distance once wounded, you don,t want to lose many with less than quickly lethal wounds

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Got it. So pretty much no buckshot for hogs. My primary ammo as mentioned are 1 oz slugs. Just wondering is buck was a good backup ammo. I'll use slugs only when I go hog hunting. Thanks
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