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have you ever been charged by a hog

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have you ever been charged by a hog

Old 09-03-2020, 03:59 PM
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I suppose its a different way of hunting,
I was always taught, never ever, take your eyes off the game,
and if you can,t draw and nock a second or third arrow on your bow string,
without looking at the process, or if a hunter can,t do it seamlessly and nearly effortlessly,
they need much more practice,
you re-chamber or reload your rifle, working the bolt, or lever or slide during recoil,
I know I darn sure do that and get the sights back on target,
without thinking, a second about the necessity,
as you might need a follow up shot, even if 90% of the time its not needed,

you do that, without looking or dropping the rifle off your shoulder don,t you!
but admittedly I was taught to hunt with a 70 lb recurve not a compound bow

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Old 09-12-2020, 09:14 AM
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I was recently asked what to buy if you wanted a rifle designed to hunt deer and hogs in thick brush,
here in florida by a neighbor who is getting rather pissed at the damage hogs do to his 50 acres
(yes he lives out in the middle of a rural area bordering a WMA)
hes called the local FISH & GAME dept about the damage,
and he wanted a rifle he could use once deer season opens,
I told him,

(youll rarely need to take shots over 100 yards in most areas on deer or hogs)
Hogs in florida are hunted on private property all year,
as they are considered vermin,
as they destroy millions of dollars in farm crops and do lots of property damage every year
pictures are NOT his property but hes seeing similar damage

well that answer depends mostly on your budget and personal preferences,
if you have to have a kick butt and take names carbine I doubt you can improve on a BLR.
I've found these two lever actions both dependable and accurate
THE BROWNING BLR in either 358 win or 450 marlin caliber chamberings
I received a brief e-mail asking why I seem to be promoting the 450 marlin and 358 win cartridges in the BLR
I'm not promoting any caliber or action type,
simply pointing out what I see rather frequently, being used.
they easily shoot tight groups and can be used on anything,
even ELK out a 250 plus yards in skilled hands.
(certainly the most versatile choice,
but it could easily cost near $1000
with a scope and mounts extra)

the marlin 1894 in 44 mag is about the most common and well liked carbine around here and loaded with a lee 310 grain cat bullet over 21 grains of H110 powder its certainly very effective out to about 140 yards... most hogs are shot at less than 60 yards, and I can count the deer I shot in florida at over 150 yards,
with several fingers left over on one hand,
cost generally runs close to $500-$600 currently on the 44 mag carbines

these Norinco sporters are an excellent choice in my opinion,
but are hard to find,
and generally cost about $475-$550

certainly, a 16"-20" barrel AR15 has become very popular in this area
keep in mind your limited to use of a 5 shot magazine in florida (while hunting)
prices vary with options but $650-$800 should get you a decent example
I would suggest a heavy varmint barrel in a 16" version


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Old 09-15-2020, 07:46 AM
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I've killed hundreds of them over the years and only been charged once. I was tying a baby I had caught up with a bandana and it was screaming bloody murder. Momma snuck around behind me and plowed me up in the air pretty good. She took her baby and left after popping me again - I went looking for my bow and she went back to her sounder with her little one in tow. He still had my bandana tied to a back leg last time I saw him.
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Old 09-20-2020, 03:16 PM
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While elk hunting on Fort Sill in 2003 a friend wounded a 250 pound boar. Hog was lying on the ground and i started to approach.. My friend yelled: :That hog will kill you". Hog jumped up and charged, when his head was size of a 55 gallon drum end in the scope i fired my muzzleloader. Hog was DRT.

While hunting i saw a group of parti colored pigs eating grass. i was unaware momma was taking a mud bath in the pond to my right. Momma came at me and i stepped aside. After she turned and came on again i killed her. Few days later i saw a big sow running with seven black pigs and a bunch of parti colored pigs.

Some time in the mid/late 1990s an auto dealer in OK City ordered breeding pairs of Eurasian boars from Bavaria. He turned them loose north of highway 62 west of Lawton. In 2007 i killed this very old boar on Quanah Parker range. There was an ear tag from a game farm in Bavaria.

Killed this boar in 2010. This hog had recently killed four dogs belonging to a hog dogger who spotted him while in route to a hog dogging show. He neglected to put kevlar vests on his dogs.

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Old 11-06-2020, 03:22 PM
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No I haven't been charged by a hog but I have unloaded an entire .357 magazine into a hog and he kept running for a mile before he laid down. Those creatures are pretty tough.
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Old 03-20-2022, 05:15 PM
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Yep I am a member of the been charged by a hog club. I was quail hunting. I had three English pointers on the ground. They pointed and on the covey rise I killed one and unfortunately wounded another. It flew a distance of about 200 yards across a harvested peanut field all the way to the wood line and appeared to go down in a heap. The remainder of the covey also flew across the field and entered the woods. One of the dogs quickly retrieved the dead bird. I had no intention of hunting the singles but set out across the field to see if I could retrieve the wounded bird. I had mentally marked where it went down. Immediately upon reaching the other side of the field I entered what was a laid out field heavily laden with broom sedge and dog fennel. The dogs entered about 50 yards above me. Just as I was going to whistle them back to hunt the wounded bird, I was charged by a very large feral hog. LOL There I was with a shotgun loaded with bird shot!. I shot just over the hogs head but it did not deter it. The hog was now only about twenty five yards away and coming fast. I carefully aimed between the eyes and shot. I blinded the hog with this shot. I emptied the gun between the eyes as fast as I could. Thank goodness I had the plug out! The hog went down at a distance of about 5 yards from me. By that time the dogs where also there. The hog was moving somewhat so I loaded up again and stuck the barrel to the head and shot again. I only then realized that it was a sow. I quickly found the very small piglets and killed them. So I had happened upon a feral sow with piglets present.

After I stood shaking awhile, I called for the dogs to hunt close and they quickly winded and pointed the wounded quail. I kicked around and did not get a flush/run and then clucked to the dogs and called careful. The bird was indeed dead and one bird dog retrieved it.

LOL, that was the end of that hunt! I went back to the truck and loaded the dogs into the dog box. I then sat in the cab in a trance thinking about how close that was to a disaster. Beware of a pissed off mamma sow. That is the second time I have been charged by a feral hog while quail hunting. Both times it was a sow with pigs.

LOL don't get me started on rattlesnakes. I have killed a truck load of them through the years while quail and dove hunting.
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Old 03-31-2023, 03:22 PM
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I've been charged several times by hogs in traps. Yeah, it's a bit unnerving!

Many moons back, I was still hunting squirrels with a 20 gauge shotgun.
I stepped across a dead log and was immediately greeted with that "growl" followed by a VERY angry "huff"! Took me a second to locate the source through the heavy undergrowth.
The apparently angry hackles were clearly visible along a sandy, red back.
A 20 gauge stuffed #7.5's wasn't really apropos! 😳
I eased back across the huge, dead log and readied myself for a full frontal assault.
My hope was that the log would slow her down enough, I could give her a load in the face at halitosis range before the pattern opened up.
Thankfully, she gathered her 3 piglets and departed for parts unknown! 😅
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Old 09-05-2023, 01:31 AM
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Default If you hog hunt you're gonna get charged

I've been charged maybe 7 times in my life. I've killed probably 80-100 hogs. All the charges have been when I went into thick brush after a wounded hog. Fortunately I was able to make the finish shot at point blank. I worry that one day I'll miss and the hog will win😩
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