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While elk hunting on Fort Sill in 2003 a friend wounded a 250 pound boar. Hog was lying on the ground and i started to approach.. My friend yelled: :That hog will kill you". Hog jumped up and charged, when his head was size of a 55 gallon drum end in the scope i fired my muzzleloader. Hog was DRT.

While hunting i saw a group of parti colored pigs eating grass. i was unaware momma was taking a mud bath in the pond to my right. Momma came at me and i stepped aside. After she turned and came on again i killed her. Few days later i saw a big sow running with seven black pigs and a bunch of parti colored pigs.

Some time in the mid/late 1990s an auto dealer in OK City ordered breeding pairs of Eurasian boars from Bavaria. He turned them loose north of highway 62 west of Lawton. In 2007 i killed this very old boar on Quanah Parker range. There was an ear tag from a game farm in Bavaria.

Killed this boar in 2010. This hog had recently killed four dogs belonging to a hog dogger who spotted him while in route to a hog dogging show. He neglected to put kevlar vests on his dogs.

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