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teach a new guy

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Default teach a new guy

have you ever taken the time and effort to teach a new guy too...hunt with a handgun effectively?

I've taken the time to teach several younger hunters over the years
I figured the first place to start would be to get the guy to pass a state hunter safety course , (he is a neighbors son thats about 22 in this case)
and have him pick up all the local management area brochures, game department regulations and local maps, , too read, we take the time and effort to frequently visit ,the local out door 100 yard range, to practice.
don,t get discouraged if your new disciple takes some time to become proficient it generally takes months, or even years in rare cases, too master a hand gun.
become proficient with a reasonably powerful and accurate handgun and an introduction to hand-loading.
he owned a 686 8.375" stainless 357 mag so I figured we could start with that as its certainly adequate with the correct hand-loaded ammo.
this nei design works well in my brother in laws 357 mag S&W revolver so I used the same mold design for these handloads


I generally suggest sighting all my hunting revolvers on a target like this at 75 yards, where you aim at the center yellow dot and adjust the sights so bullets consistently impact on the upper red dot, getting too the point where you can keep all the bullet impacts within 1"-2" of that red dot on the target takes lots of practice at the range and reload press and casting bullets., practice in all those steps helps.
like with most skills this takes work, and consistent practice and if your not willing to put in the time and effort you;ll have a hard time mastering the required skills.
now a 357 mag in skilled hands can kill any deer or hog and thats what this guys intending to hunt, I have a suspicion that he may eventually move to a 41 mag or 44 mag , or even a 480 ruger, revolver as his revolver skill and proficiency with that current revolver increases
http://www.handloads.com/loaddata/de...sp?Caliber=357 Magnum&Weight=All&type=Handgun

12 grains of h110 powder, under a gas check, 175 grain nei 357 bullet cast from 95% ww alloy and 5% pure tin, sized .358, once you've helped a new guy,develop the required skills with the weapon of his choice, Ill show him related skills like field dressing use of a climbing tree stand etc.
most guys range estimates are laughable past about 100 yards with an iron sight revolver so I generally suggest they not shoot past 100 yards , but if you do sight in a revolver to shoot a couple inches high at 75 yards those occasional shots taken at 100-120 yards tend to be hitting much closer to the intended impact points, if you look at that hog diagram, shots to that area with the three dots that basically destroy the heart/lungs and shoulder work and a bit higher shatter the spine all lethal hits.
well? how many of you gentlemen have or want to hunt deer and hogs with a handgun? how many of you have taken the effort to teach some younger guy the basics?

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Amazing. Never thought you could hunt hog with a handgun.
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I carry a Dan Wesson .357 with the 8" barrel on it.

A 30+ year old Bianchi Phantom shoulder holster makes it quite pleasant to carry.

It has taken deer in the 50yd range.
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