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The Hogs Have Been In Invisible Stealth Mode Lately... >

The Hogs Have Been In Invisible Stealth Mode Lately...

Hogs and Exotics Gun or bow, you can stretch your season and fill the freezer with wild hogs and an assortment of exotics.

The Hogs Have Been In Invisible Stealth Mode Lately...

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Default The Hogs Have Been In Invisible Stealth Mode Lately...

The other night I walked in after seeing no hogs for the past 5 nights and told my wife.. "Babe we've got a hog problem.. the problem is I haven't seen any hogs lately!!" She looked at me like I was an idiots which is her go-to look for when I talking about anything that she could care less about.. haha! No hogs is a good thing but it looks like I'll have to start patrolling some of our other fields away from the house.. No more lazy front porch hunting for me.. Got a couple hunts here where I caught a couple lonely boars slippin'... What are y'all seeing out there??

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Kinda spotty here too.

My hunting is always sporadic tho.

I normally cover about 7 miles of road every night, under NV with my truck in black-out.

Shot one sow last week from a sounder of 10-15. They were active after the front came through and it rained.

Ranchers are moving cows a lot to keep them on grass, that affects things too.

I guess the seasonal change will affect their patterns.
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Usually here they cover a lot of territory. They may be around for a few days or until two or three out of the sounder get shot and you won't see them again for weeks. They say a sounder can have a territory anywhere from a hundred square miles to four hundred square miles and covering twenty miles in a single night isn't unusual.

I've found that they get cravings. Protein is a big one, certain plants and trace elements is another. Here they seem to crave earthworms. And at other times certain plants. I planted a plot of Watercress in a seep and they periodically hit the Watercress hard.

I also put out a plot of Lovage. many years old now. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovage, they love the stuff. Makes tracking them and finding their fresh bedding areas easy, Lovage has a strong distinctive odor, kind of like super Celery.

Feeders and baiting is forbidden (regulated) here, more than a pound of Corn cannot be used. So we have gotten sneaky. Fish guts, offal and blood meal will draw them in, especially if they get hungry for protean.

A giant steaming pile of horse manure, straw, compost (kitchen waste) and Chicken bones works as well as a corn feeder.

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With the big moon and hot weather, they have been out in force for a few nights.
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