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Hogs and Exotics Gun or bow, you can stretch your season and fill the freezer with wild hogs and an assortment of exotics.

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Originally Posted by Double Naught Spy View Post
More people are killed by domestic hogs than by bears, mountain lions, or wolves. A bunch of people are killed by cattle as well. It is one of the hazards of rearing livestock.

By some accounts http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2011/...obs/index.html Farming & Ranching is more than twice as dangerous (in number of occupational deaths) than police work!
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Originally Posted by muzzlestuffer View Post
Yeah it would turn and run for sure and it probably would be found dead under suspicious circumstances? Lol
That hog would be afraid of her biting him!!!!!!!!!
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Default Hog Skin

Originally Posted by MudderChuck View Post
Most wild hogs would rather run than fight, but there are exceptions.

Domesticated Hogs can also be dangerous, notional and have little fear of humans.

I dated a girl whose father owned a hog farm. He warned me about certain hogs, which ones to avoid. Some where friendly, some weren't.

I watched a Sow with piglets, in an outside pen, eat a four foot Timber Rattler. This Rattler was at lest 12 inches in diameter. The Rattler struck at her a couple times, she bit it once and swallowed it pretty much whole, jiffy quick, chomp, chomp, chomp and it was gone. I was astounded. I was thinking of running to my truck to get my shotgun, but she took care of business before I could even react. The bites didn't seem to bother her any.
A hog skin is 1/2inch thick. A snake bite doesn't effect them.
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Had a sow attack a ranch hand here. Started biting him like a rabid dog. He had to put it down with his pistol.
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Originally Posted by jrfrmn View Post
A hog skin is 1/2inch thick. A snake bite doesn't effect them.
I don't know about hog skin being 1/2" thick. It certainly isn't on the legs and face. I think a lot of folks consider the skin to be the skin and the layer of fat and connective tissue underneath it, which can be a 1/2" think or more, but only part of it is skin. Combined, it does all help protect the hog.

It does do a good job of protecting the hog from bites. The skin will still be damaged by the bite, but because the venom likely won't make it to the blood stream, the damage is quite limited.
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