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243 & hogs

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When using the.243, I use 100gr Sierra Game Kings!
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Originally Posted by Rebel Hog View Post
When using the.243, I use 100gr Sierra Game Kings!
I know alot of guys like the 85g gamekings
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100 grain Hornady .243 to the earhole

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Nice hog Jim.
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Originally Posted by Jim_IV View Post
100 grain Hornady .243 to the earhole

ANYThing in the earhole should do the trick. The problem with a .243 and larger hogs is the small diameter hole pinches off and you typically don't get a blood trail. It will kill them, you just can't FIND them. Scramble his brain or break his neck.

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I like the 243 for hogs, whatevers most accurate is best so you can split their melon or shoot em behind the ear. Ive killed many with a 22 hornet with 40 gr v-maxs. dont body shoot one with the 243, the shield on a boar or the shoulder fat on a sow will clog the holes up and there wont be a bloodtrail.
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Please delete.
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Originally Posted by jerry d View Post
Thanks guys. The reason I'm asking is because I'm planning on a boar hunt @ a place called Wildhill preserve. On their web site they suggest .30cal. rifles. I know ballistically the 243 is better than the 30.30.
I was thinking of trying the Federal premium loaded with Barnes TSX 85g bullet......What do you guys know about this load?
For whatever it's worth, I have hunted Wild Hill a number of times in the past. I have seen just about every caliber used at one time or another. From .45ACP up to .338 Win Mag. It's not the gun, it's the shooter. Don't shoot through the shoulder, and you will be fine. Nothing, I repeat, Nothing survives a bullet through both lungs. Pick your shot, and have a ball.
When are you going?
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I havent had a problem body, shoulder or leg shooting hogs with a .243, if I aint going for the head, I make sure to take that shoulder or leg out with a body shot.
.243 blows right through.

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Another 243 hog shot by my buddy Rowel (Rloving)
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