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Browning BOSS

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Default Browning BOSS

can the BOSS setup be installed on a rifle without it? or does it have to come from the factory with the system already on?
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As RR stated. And you don't necessarily need the BOSS system. Any adjustable muzzlebrake will do the same thing. Unlike a fixed brake, the BOSS type is adjustable to 'tune' the barrel harmonics (vibration) to your particular load to increase the rifle's accuracy. Plus the brake also reduces felt recoil.
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Plus the "break" makes the gun a LOT LOUDER !

Practice makes the gun a lot more accurate !!! LOL
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
however, anything adjustable on the barrel is just a cheap fix for a bad barrel.
Not necessarily. Granted an adjustable brake will make a so-so barrel shoot better. But it will make a really good barrel shoot even better. Even an excellent barrel that shoots all loads good still has a 'sweet spot' (load) that it will shoot the best. And it does this because the load and the harmonics of the barrel are both at their optimum for accuracy. This is what the adjustable brake does. Rather than adjusting the load for the barrel, the adjustable brake adjusts the barrel for the load.

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Default Boss

It can be fitted to your rifle by a gunsmith. You can buy an adjustable brake from Brownell's. Claims to be licensed from the patent for the BOSS System. If you don't need the brake and want to use the system for load tuning just buy the additional solid cylinder and there will be no additional muzzle blast/noise.
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Or you can slip one of these on the barrel for cheap....
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I've known gunsmiths who install it on Rifles of any make , it's just folks that like a BOSS on whatever other rifle they have .
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