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Typical Buck
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Default Need your advice: rifle stock warped to "cast on"

Is "cast on" in a rifle stock a good thing for a left hand shooter? I understand this might desireable for a shotgun. What about a rifle?

This gun is an old military surplus Turkish Mauser with the stock wrist slightly warped to a "cast on" position (in case my terminology is faulty, it is bent to the shooter's left as he looks down the barrel). I bought it a few weeks ago to tinker and learn some gun repair skills.

Should I leave the wrist where it is, or is it better to straighten the it? I'm a left hand shooter, and when I quickly shoulder the gun, the bend in the stock means my eye is looking right down the barrel. If it were a shotgun, I wouldn't have to move my head a bit to fire; the gun's exactly where it should be except for the height of the site. (that happens to be perfect when set at the 900 meter position).

I did notice that the foreend is bent left as well and the front sight is slid as far to the left as possible. I've not fired this gun as I am waiting on a headspace check but presume that the previous owner was trying to compensate for the stock. I'm presuming I'll have to work on the foreend eventually.
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Typical Buck
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Finding a rifle that fits well much less for us lefties is pure luck . Id say do what it needs up front and leave the back end alone. You know if it was me/mine.
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It's going to be hard to straighten it at the wrist. I'd either replace the stock or knock down the comb to remove the cast on.
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