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Looking for a gun...

Old 04-25-2005, 09:06 PM
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Default Looking for a gun...

I am looking for a good deer rifle, mainly looking at the Savage guns. I also want a caliber that is good for hunting larger game too (in case i ever get a chance to hunt elk or something of that nature). I want the rifle to have accuracy, good distance, durability... obviously. What caliber and model of Savage would you all suggest for this? Price isnt really a factor either. Thanks.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

How about the Weather Warrior in 300 WSM. Good looking rifle and should do a good job for NA big game.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

i cant help you ona rifle but for caliber i would go somthing around a 300 win mag, its easier to find ammo for that then 300wsm but both are great long range calibers. you could go 30 06 also. i would start at the 30 06 and go up.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

i have another question... im new to hunting. i dont know what caliber is bigger than the other.. ie. im not sure if 7mm is bigger than 30-06. can someone help me out with this? what are the sizes smallest to biggest. hard picking out a gun when u dont know what your doin!!!! thanks.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

I'm not sure if Savage chambers it, but look into a rifle for the 280Remington. Another good all-around type would be the 308Win., or the 30-06. If you want a magnum, check out the 7mmRemingtonMag.
As to sizes (calibers), following are a few (by no means all), listed from smaller to larger;
24/6mm (243Win., etc.)
25 (257Roberts, 25-06 Rem.)
26/6.5mm (260Rem., 6.5x55Swede)
27 (270Winchester, 270WSM)
28/7mm ( 7x57Mauser, 7mm-08, 280Remington, 7mmRem.Mag.)
30 (30/30Win., 300Savage, 308Win., 30-06, 300Win.Mag.)
33 (338-06 A-Square, 338WinchesterMag.)
35 (35Remington, 358Win., 35Whelen)

Suggestion: Pick you up a reloading manual such as one by Speer. Even if you don't intend to reload your ammo there is a wealth of good infor. in these books.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

Sounds like you have lots of questions so I would suggest to check out this web site. It has lots of information to read and might give you an idea on what you might be looking for. You can also check Savage web site for the different rifles and caliber's offered. Good luck.....
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

If cost is not an option, give a serious look at the Remington model 700 Mountain Rifle in .280 Remington.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

The 30-06 would be the best choice for bullet variety and price. I personally like Ruger rifles better. My Ruger 77 Mk II 300 WSM will shoot well under 1" at 100 yards and even 1/2" with some of my hand loads.

Rugers are only about $500 and they come with rings and bases with will save you $50 to $100.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

If you want a deer rifle that will take an elk too, I say look no farther than the Grandfather of em all .30-06

It's widely avaliable with a great bullet selection and every rifle manufacturer chambers it. It's been around for 100 years and I bet it will be here in 100 more.
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Default RE: Looking for a gun...

How about a 7mm Remington Magnum?
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