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Default 30-06

what is the farthest(sp?) you would should witha 30-06 while hunting for lets say elk or moose after lots of practice? would it be enough gun at lets say 300 to 400 yards.
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Although I constantly have this debate in my head it never seems to matter because every shot on deer for me has been under 200 yards. As far as deer hunting the 30-06 is a great 250-300 yard weapon as for Moose and Elk I would probably keep the shots a little shorter but if its a well placed shot that elk or moose isn;t going very far.
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Let's put it this way. A century ago, (Actually, a little longer than that) hunters used black powder, cartridge rifles to kill buffalo at longer ranges than that. These were things like 45-70's, 45-90's 50-110's etc. Although menacing to look at, and totaly useable, even today, they just don't compare energy wise to todays high velocity rounds. Sectionaly, the big slugs are effective, but modern spire point, high energy bullets out of your 30-06 are more than adiquite to kill your moose at 300 yards and beyond. But it is up to the shooter to be responsible enough to limit the shot to more practical ranges. 2-300 yards is my maximum, due to any number of effects downrange. Good luck.
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Default RE: 30-06

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Shot placement is the key. If you and your rifle can produce consistant 6" groups or better at 400 yards, the wind conditions are managable, with the correct bullet you should not have a problem at 400 yards with a clear line of sight. You fire on the range at 500 yards with open sights from a .223, no reason why you can't do the same with a different rifle. Still you should do everything you can to ensure a clean kill, including getting closer. Most hunting situations will not call for such a distance.
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some goodpoints. I think that when you get over 300 yds you should REALLY be careful. look at some ballistic charts, the big drop in your high power rifles occurs from 3-400yds. if you want to shoot these distances you really need to go all out. use premium bullets, they make up for poor shots to some degree. Handload - your can get more accurate higher velocity rounds by handloading, this means fewer of those poor shots mentioned before. In short, I just dont have much faith i factory ammo much past 300yds.
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I would put that about max for the ol' Aught Six,300 yds is a step.After that it starts to drop pretty fast.With a 2.5 inch sight in puts ya about 9 inches low at 300 and 15 low at 350.
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what is the farthest(sp?) you would should witha 30-06 while hunting for lets say elk or moose after lots of practice? would it be enough gun at lets say 300 to 400 yards.
For elk or moose I'm assuming you're gonna' be using a good 180gr. bullet. Sighted in
approx. 2-1/2" high at 100yds., holding a little high, you should be okay to 300yds. The '06 may have enough punch for longer shots, but, for me anyway, my max is 300yds. Too many variables come into play beyond that range. Bullet drop, wind drift, bullet expansion or lack thereof, etc., etc. Lot of rifles, even those shooting 1" groups at 100yds., just don't seem to hold that level of accuracy out to 300 and beyond (3-4" moa). However, with "lots of practice", 300yds is not too far. Just be sure the rifle/ammo combination is good for it.
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