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Default RE: wolf ammunition

I use Wolf Ammo in 7.62x39. I have had accuracy problem with it, but what do you expect from a semi-auto carbine. I have also found I get a lot of dented primers/no fire.
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

I have used the same .223 55 grain WOLF ammo and have noticed no problems with accuracy whatsoever. I have fired several hundred rounds of the stuff with no failures at all. In fact a shooting buddy who is ex-special forces tells me he considers it to be the most reliable ammo available. He shoots WOLF exclusively and claims to have never had a failure with many thousands of rounds. He uses the 7.62 x 39 rather than the 223.
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

I just got my first case a few weeks ago (.223, 55 gr. FMJ) and not only have had no failures to feed or fire but have also found it to be pretty accurate out of a 14.5" bbl AR-15...maybe you just got a bad "lot"?

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Default RE: wolf ammunition

never had any trouble myself
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

Me and several of my friend have used the rimfire Match grade stuff and it shoots as well as the expensive ammo. We were paying 7 to 12$ a box of 50 , with the wolf we get 500 for 15$. This is 3/8 (@50 yds.)ammo when shot out of Walthers, Sako's and Kimbers.
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

Funny you should mention accuracy problems with Wolf 55 grain .223 HPs. I intended to post my experiences with Wolf, but never got around to it. Wish I would have, would have saved you $$ on a case of worthless ammo.

Wolf supposedly gets 3241 fps muzzle out of I believe a 22" barrel. Well I test shot it out of a Savage model 12VSS 26" barrel and at 100 yards it looked like a shotgun pattern. I was chronographing the shots, and here's what I get from 20 rounds chronied (actually 19, 1 didn't register):

highest: 3055 fps
lowest: 2873 fps
average(mean): 2976 fps
average (median): 2985 fps
standard deviation: 50.0 fps

5-shot group size at 100 yards averaged about 5" from a benchrest. At first I thought I had knocked the reticle in my scope loose. But then I loaded up cheap American Eagle 50 gr. HPs (almost as inexpensive as Wolf) and here's what I got from 10 shots chronied:

highest: 3363 fps
lowest: 3278 fps
average (mean): 3320 fps
average (median): 3319 fps
average (mode): 3319 fps
standard deviation: 23.3 fps

5-shot groups averaged .5" at 100 yards.

My money will never be spent on Wolf again. Your mileage may vary. I have about 10 more boxes of Wolf if there are any takers- selling it cheap!
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

Oh, I should mention range conditions: 45 degrees F, 1341 ft altitude, 90% relative humidity, not sure about barometric pressure.
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

You guys want some good 223 ammo, go buy the Black-hills in the blue box ammo. Its about 12 bucks for a box of 50. Ive been shooting the 52 grain HP and they are very accurate. They said this is what the army competition shooters use in there long range matches.

go to products, remanufactured ammo then scroll down to the 223 bullett if you go to there site.
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Default RE: wolf ammunition

I have had EXCELLENT results with Wolf .45 hardball. It seems as good in my M1911 as some lots of GI Ball Match ammo.

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