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Savage rifle advice

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Originally Posted by bronko22000

Thanks Bronco, which spring did you use, the 21/2 or the 31/2 lb?
I don't recall now OT. I didn't know there was an option. All I know it was a big improvement over the factory springs.
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110 over Axis II for me. Either scope is largely irrelevant in my calculus. Id tend to prefer the Bushnell color and resolution truth over the Crossfire II, but either are serviceable. Either will shoot, but Id prefer the 110.
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I haven't been on HNI in quite a while, but as for Savage rifles, I can only speak for the 110 version. Mine is from the late 90's (back when Savage Arms was faced with Chapter 11 bankruptcy or something like that).... They took the long action models and merged them with the short action models, using only one rifle stock. It saved them countless dollars in the long run, when you look back and research it.

This is my Savage 110, but yet chambered in .308 with a long action stock, chamber, bolt, etc... What Savage did was, they manufactured a "block" of some sort in behind the internal magazine, thus shortening the long action into short action. Like I mentioned, the creation saved their a$$ when it was all said and done, and they rebounded and survived!

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Originally Posted by kellyguinn
Come to find out the stock was very flexible and would bend to touch the barrel. I am assuming from the weight of the barrel. I replaced the synthetic stock with a Boyds
This is definitely one criticism of the the axis. The plastic stocks don't work well with bipods for this very reason. Besides moving the stud as suggested earlier or replacing the stock as suggested here, another option is an easy DYI project, essentially epoxying in some steel rods inside the barrel channel. I did it on one and it worked fine. There are tutorials on how to do this.

I have a 110 variant from the mid-90s as well as an Axis. They both shoot well, and the major difference is the nicer wood stock and bluing on the 110 vs. the plastic stock and parkerized finish on the Axis. I like the 110 more, but can't say that it shoots any better.
If you're looking for a "good enough" deer rifle, I'd go with the axis. The 110 would be a better choice if you wanted to focus on really serious accuracy. I haven't seen an apex up close, but pictures suggest a stock that's more substantial than the Axis plastic (if it is an accustock, it definitely is nicer than the plastic on my axis). Last but not least, compare the value of the two scopes.
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