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Lever Action Advantage?

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Lever Action Advantage?

Old 05-12-2021, 08:37 AM
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just a tip from experience learned, size cast bullets at least .001 larger than bore diameter,
most pistol caliber carbines are reasonably accurate with typical copper jacketed 225-260 grain bullets,
but I vastly prefer the increased penetration, and far lower cost of heavy cast bullets,
in the 290-310 grain weight range.(but they (310 grain in 44 mag) (300 grain in 45 colt)
must be sized, lubed and loaded to near top velocity)
before you purchase a 45 colt or 44 mag lever action ,check the rifles twist rate
I've hunted with a marlin 44 mag 1894 for 4 decades, in every case I tested the faster twist rates seem to work better with cast bullet designs
my rifles very accurate with heavy cast bullets but only at near max velocity,
and the twist rate is barely adequate to keep the preferred 310 grain hard cast bullets stable
you need a full 21 grain charge of H110 powder

twist rates near 1/20 are much preferred , for better stability,
over slower twist rates in the 1/36 range and the rifles came with both/either,
twist rates at various times over the last few decades
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Old 06-29-2021, 10:11 PM
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Don't get me wrong here.....I like lever guns.....a lot.....but learned a very long time ago that it's far better to get off a good first shot than have a fast follow up shot. I see many lever action fans push the first shot too quick just to make use of the "quick" follow up shot.....and this is counter productive. There's a reason why the modern bolt rifle is king today!

If you really want a lever gun, the Henry is a fine specimen but go with the .44 Magnum or as said earlier the .45-70 as both are superior to the .45 colt and by quite a margin. That said, I'd far prefer a semi auto shotgun in either 20 ga or 12 ga and add a slug barrel. Accuracy is surprisingly good with cylinder bore chokes and even improved cylinder chokes.....lots of power and if quick follow up shots are desirable the semi auto shotgun will beat the lever gun hands down.

I've made quite a few 20 ga bolt action slug guns from Mossberg bolt action shotguns. Cut the barrel to 20 or 22 inches and don't add a new choke tube......shoot it as is. Accuracy will be excellent for deer to 100 yards. Yes, you need to add some iron sights but in the end you'll have a fine deer hunting gun. As to ammo availability, I just bought 100 rounds of 7/8 OZ 20 ga slug ammo and I'll put these bolt action slug guns up against any lever gun for deer to 100 yards.
Let's face it....for as much as I like my Savage 99, my Marlin 39-A and my Browning model 65 in .218 Bee the lever gun, once the king of the deer hunting woods, time has passed. There are better choices if you want Bambi in the freezer.
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Old 06-30-2021, 03:56 AM
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Nonsense! It is the person behind the gun that makes a good shot, not the kind of firearm that is being used. I never needed more than one shot when using my Mod 88 Winchester in .308 or my Marlin guide gun in .45-70 and they both have laid many deer and hogs on the ground. As Bill Hickock said, you cannot shoot fast enough to make up for poor marksmanship,
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Old 07-01-2021, 06:49 PM
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I have a strong fondness for lever actions in the style of the win 94. I currently own two 94s, 1 in 30-30 and the other⁷in 32 spl. a couple Henry 22s, Marlin Guide Gun and SBL both oin 45-70, Marlin 1894 in 357 and I am currently awaiting delivery on a never fired Win 94 Big Bore in 375 Win. Lately if I'm not hunting with a muzzleloader I'm toting a lever gun and never worry about being under gunned. Like Oldtimr I've rarely needed a 2nd shot. My bolt actions hardly ever leave the safe except for special hunts where a shot over 125 is likely.
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