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most of us at some point regret not buying..or selling >

most of us at some point regret not buying..or selling

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

most of us at some point regret not buying..or selling

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Default most of us at some point regret not buying..or selling

most of us at some point regret not buying.. or selling some particular firearm,
when we had the chance, or wish we never sold some firearm,
and later we find it was discontinued, or the price has increased a great deal,
or the particular option is no longer easily available.
I purchased a remington 7600 in 35 whelen for $499 when they first were offered and I really regret not purchasing a couple,
because I've been offered significantly more ($300 plus or more) than I paid for it easily a dozen or more times.
I remember being offered a NEW 44 auto mag pistol with a second upper barrel assembly , like the one pictured here,
for only $1800 once ,and I have always regretted not grabbing that deal at the time.
and the two 45acp AMT long slide hard-baller pistols I sold when I was laid off temporarily
then theres a ruger stainless 10" bull barrel 22lr

Im sure theres a bunch of you gentlemen with similar regrets

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So many I don't know where to start. 2 offhand that I wish I would have bought 2 a Browning Superimposed with 2 extra barrels for $300 and the other a Winchester model 70 left hand in 375 H&H.
selling has to be a couple hand guns a S&W 39 and a3a Colt Diamondback 38 Spl.. I also regret selling a Rem 700BDL in .270 Win that was super accurate and I killed tons of game all over the country.
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Since I haven't sold any firearms my regrets are on the "not purchased".

About a year ago I was bidding on a Savage 99 in 243. I got cold feet and quit at $600 which was turned out to be the "runnerup" bid. Don't know if the other guy had more bids in him but now I kinda regret not giving it one more pop at $650
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for 1 year (1990 or 1991 I think) IAI a sister company to AMT made the longslide 1911 in 10mm called it the javelina, I purchased 1 and it shot really well, During my divorce in 1994 it was sold, however was able to trade for it back in 2018, the only one I ever was able to reaquire after selling.

there are a couple others I regret selling, an H&K model 91, a browning remake of the Winchester 71, however it went to a good home and my eyes got to bad to use it efficiently. sold a rem. model 660 in 350 rem. mag that I wish I had back. very few others have I sold, a couple 788's, and a savage 99 in 243 that I owned during a period that I could only afford 1 rifle.
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Magnum Research Mountain Eagle Rifle in .270 Win sitting in a McMillan Hunter...still the only one I've seen in a McMillan. It was the perfect all around hunting rifle. I know where it's at and he's not willing to part with it.
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back in the late 80's i bought a ruger redhawk in 41 mag. down the road because of no work i sold it. figured i would buy one later when money became available. what does Ruger do, they stopped making the 41 mag in the Redhawk. since then i got a 41 mag back into the fold by getting one in the Blackhawk. by the way i have a Redhawk in 44 mag.
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My M1 Carbine. I was young and dumb. Really miss it.
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Years ago I shot serious .22 pistol competition for only one season. I was young, eagle eyed, and a pretty fair shot (in my opinion) and was sure that I would have no trouble beating those "old" men, most of which were local policemen. After the season of continuous butt whipping by the top shooters (and most of the rest of them) I sold my pistols. It was a matched pair of Colt target pistols that were kept in a nice velvet lined wooden presentation box. For the time I got top dollar for them but I always regretted selling them.

I have looked but could never find another pair like that, and even if I found them I would bet that the current price would be a heart stopper.

On second thought maybe it a good thing that the Colts are gone. If I had them they would either collect dust or lure me back into bullseye shooting, where I would again take continuous butt whippings.

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I had a model 70 extra lite in.308 that just shot good out of the box. One of the more accurate rifles I've ever shot. All I did to it was add a recoil pad, mostly for a better fit. Sometimes you get lucky that rifle just worked for me. I really wish I'd held onto that one. Side note I had a Tasco scope on it with a glow in the dark reticle that worked great for low-light Hog hunting. I sold it with the rifle and have never seen another just like it. I have no idea how the reticle illuminated, best guess is it was radioactive.
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Nothing really strong on either side. I have sold couple of guns I never got around to shooting, and sometimes thought that I should have made sure they weren't "one a million" accurate.
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