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Friends first rifle?

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Yes stupidity abounds in this state. I go on a weekly rampage on the yotes around here with one of 3 cartridge rifles, 220 swift, 22-250 or one of my little .243's. Off my back porch it's usually the 220 swift. But generally speaking, factory ammo for either the 220 or the 22-250 are sometimes not easily found or at least I don't see it on the shelves much around here. Not to mention both those rounds are a testament to reloading your own ammo. The .243 on the other hand can be found on pretty much every shelf in any state with a pretty good variety of bullet weights and toughness as well as pretty good loadings. I've rolled my own ammo for well over 40 years so I try to get everyone that is even a little bit serious about shooting to get the equipment and delve into loading your own. Initially it's not that cheap for good equipment but if you shoot a lot and you want the best performance your rifle is capable of then reloading is the way to go. But if you can't afford it, the .243 has enough variations in factory loads to be able to find a fairly decent acceptable cartridge for your rifles appetite.
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Any of these in .243, .270, 7MM-08 depending on what he hunts "mostly".

+ a lot of ammo and a GOOD scope !!!
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