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keeping track, on the range.

Old 05-19-2016, 10:03 AM
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Default keeping track, on the range.

So here's my question.
For the guys that have more than one.or two or three.
How do you keep track of were you left off with your , fill in the blank. 8 mm mauser #1 #2 #3 etc. With what ever load 's you were shooting, and compairing
Them too@ the time. Factory loads etc.
When I get the chance to hit the range , I take 3 rifles
Most Of the time different cal.s and makes.
And if it takes me a week or two to get back on the range, some times I don't remember were I left off
With what gun or ammo.
Target rounds , hunting rounds , old military rounds.
I need a range Secretary.
Any ideas ?.
Just wounder what other guys have come up with.
Again thanks for any help.
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Write on the targets...
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Log book with targets attached to the back of the page. I keep track with Date, Time, Firearm ID#, reload data, and if I'm shooting through a chrony then the speed over an average of 5 shots. Some bring their laptops to the range and have a spreadsheet to put in all the data into.
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I write on my targets circling the group and load info then get home and measure the group and record in a spiral bound notebook.
I often refer to this book should I get an additional rifle in the same chambering. It gives me a good reference for a starting point most of the time. I usually don't keep the targets once the info is recorded.
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Default thanks

I just got a crony, haven't even setup yet , so that will be even more info.
I got the crony . for my loads Iam just starting to make for a Styer Manlicher 8-56 r. That I can find very little
Info on reloading for.
I picked up a couple small. Note books from staples
That I use. But they are filling up fast.
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I have been keeping a log of how each of my rifles shoot while at the range.

After shooting one rifle a few shots I write down on a pad a log of where the bullets hit on the target, the group size and other rifle, weather and loading data.

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Just get a notebook and keep track. With your load data, conditions, weather, range, all that. I don't save targets, I'll measure groups and record those, but don' keep targets. Write it all down, and you'll have it whenever you need it.
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Each rifle has it's own little record book. I only do one rifle at a time since my range is in my back yard so I don't have to carry a huge box of stuff at one time.
I also record targets with the digital camera and use print to record information and store the photo in a album on the computer and a flash drive.

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I think a guy told me once that he takes a pic. Of his target, with the info on it, then later prints out the pic Later. And saved that.
Iam thinking just the note books with dividers - tab's
For fast , looking up info. I don't always finish. Up getting my rifle 's dialed in before I have to leave the range.
We have a range rule , that everyone has a shoot. If no one is waiting , to shoot then you can stay. So some times Iam just getting started on my second rifle or third , and have to pickup in a hurry.
That sucks.
P.s. thanks for the post's everyone.

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Before I load, I make a table in Excel which records the load info, cross referencing it against the shape of my cartridge box, and with space for me to record velocity, group size, and notes. I print it off and take it to the range (or take my laptop/tablet along), and take notes as I go. Once I find the load which works best, I highlight it in my excel workbook, and record it as "the load" for its respective firearm. I'll often take pictures of best groups, and can embed them directly into the Excel workbook.

If I find a load I REALLY like, it goes into a different Excel workbook of my "pet loads".

Sure beats keeping paper files or target records.
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