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25-06 questions

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Default 25-06 questions

I have a chance to trade a PSE dream season for a Marlin XL7 in 25-06. My questions are 1st How good of a round is the 25-06? I'll be hunting anything from bobcats up to elk if given the opportunity. I do have a lager caliber (7mag) if needed but was wanting to try something different. I hunt mainly in open grassland where the possibility of a 300 plus yard shot could present itself (just not that often) normally around 50 to 200 yrds.

2nd is the Marlin worth the trade? I've always wanted a 336 in 35 rem or 3030 but haven't heard much about their bolt actions.

and 3rd, the previous owner has spray painted the gun tan. Any idea how to remove the paint easily?
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I can only speak of the 25/06. It is a great round and will serve you well. It's flat shooting with mild recoil. I've used mine for predators, hogs,and deer with great success.

I don't any experience with the Marlin but if you like the feel and look of the gun then it's a good call. I'm not to sure what would take the paint off the either.
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get some gum cutter 2+2 at the parts store, make a rag wet with it, lay it on the painted surface for a minute or so, then wipe off what paint you can, repeat till the paint is gone, if its been on for a couple years, it may take several applications.

the 25/06 is a great round, but it will be hard on cats.
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I have experience with the Marlin XL-7, and experience with 25-06, but have not shot a Marlin XL-7 in 25-06. The Marlin XL/X'XS model series is an outstanding value in it's category of budget bolt rifles, and performs much better than 1 would expect from a rifle with such a low price point. I've had 2, and bought 1 for a close friend after his firearms was lost, and didn't have anything to hunt with & needed until he could get his collection replaced. In fact, the Marlin X series was in MY opinion, THE best value among the budget bolt category until Ruger came out with the American rifle. Now I prefer the Ruger American but there's nothing wrong with the Marlins, and they still shoot as they did before Ruger came out with the American.

The 25-06 is a fast stepper with a impressively flat trajectory from a non magnum cartridge. I've seen some pretty impressive deer kills with the 25-06. If I was you, I'd grab it and RUN! It's a favorite among Pronghorn hunters due to it's flat trajectory and mild recoil. Any good stripper or mild solvent should remove the paint.
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No experience with the marlin but have always heard positives on any review. The .25-06 is a great round and should do what you need it to do. I think I'm re-barreling a .270 to .25-06 later this year.
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My son bought two of the Marlin X-7's a couple of years ago, they were on sale and stainless. One is a 30-06, the other is a 25-06. He has scoped the 25-06 and uses it for deer hunting. He loves it. I read an article a few years ago where they tested four or five bolt actions against each other as to accuracy. The X-7 came out on top by a good margin. It is a good gun and 25-06 is a popular choice.

I have never elk hunted, but I would use at least a 30-06 or 7MM on them. I know that many have been killed with a 30-30 and the 25-06 would kill one but I would use something bigger just to be sure.
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I like the .25-06 but really don't see the need for it over a .270 myself. With the .270 you have more bullet choices as well as heavier bullet weight options. With the right powder/bullet combination you could easily match the .25-06 and even surpass it. The lighter recoil of the .25-06 is about the only thing that stands it above the .270 by any margin. Better rifle for those folks that are recoil shy or have shoulder injuries making them sensitive to harder kicking cartridges. As far as using it for Elk, get the heaviest and best SD bullet on the market for the .25-06 and make dang sure you put that bullet where it's supposed to go and it should be fine. I think about the heaviest bullet for .257cal is 120gr which is a bit light for Elk sized game but again, well constructed bullet put where it's supposed to go will be an Elk on the ground.
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The 25-06 is good for medium sized game but in my opinion (based on taking 25 elk myself and seeing more than 100 others taken) it is a little on the light side for elk. Not saying it won't work. I've even seen 2 elk shot with the 25-06 and they both ended up on the game pole. But those were taken by guys that lived in elk country and they waited for a perfect broadside shot and were able to pass on questionable shots since they had the whole season to hunt. Additionally both the elk I saw shot with the 25-06 were cows and not mature bulls. Anyone that has hunted elk will tell you there is a world of difference between the 2.

All that being said, the 25-06 is a legal elk caliber (at least in my native CO) and it will work. But there are better choices (like the 7mm Mag you say you have). if you want to use the 25-06 use a premium bullet and pick you shots with the understanding you may need to pass on some shots. I wouldn't try to bust the front shoulder with it not would I try to bunch the bullet through the paunch from a quartering away shot. But on a broadside shot through the ribs it will kill any elk alive.
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Originally Posted by Bocajnala
I think I'm re-barreling a .270 to .25-06 later this year.
Nooooooo!!!! Don't do it!!!
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Originally Posted by jeepkid
Nooooooo!!!! Don't do it!!!
I've just lost interest in the .270 lol.
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