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New Rifle

Old 11-29-2015, 06:15 PM
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Default New Rifle

Hi all, It's been a while (6 years in fact) but I really haven't had much to say, I still have my beloved .257 roberts, shot plenty of deer with it, but I recently made a new purchase: a 7 mm weatherby mag. kind of an odd purchase for me but I was kind of talked into it by a friend. I was worried about the amount of freebore but I bit the bullet (no pun intended) and I'm now the proud owner of a new Cooper Excalibur in 7mm wthby mag. Here are some of my first takes on it:

1. Gun is ss, fluted 26" barrel (1:9" twist), synthetic green/blk web stock, 1.5lb trigger. Solid gun, well made. Nice looking gun (imo), beautiful guns have wood stocks (imo).

2. Shot factory 160 gr. Nobler Partition ~1" 3 shot group and factory 150 gr. Ballistic tip ~ 0.7" 3 shot group. Quite happy with that.

3. Recoil isn't as bad as I thought, it ain't no .257 roberts but the design and weight probably help a bit.


1. Gun is pricey, $2400.

2. Ammo is limited and ridiculously expensive - $80 for the 160r and $78 for the 150 gr Time to reload.

3. Gun is a bit of a tank, 9.2 lbs with scope.

So all in all, I'm happy with my purchase and thought I would share, also would recommend a Cooper and the shop I bought it from (don't know the rules about that but if allowed I'll post them in a reply). Hope everyone has/had a good holiday season.
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What do you plan to hunt with it?
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I bought it for deer and bear. I ended up shooting a bear with it about 15 minutes before dark, we looked that night with a spot light but could not find it. Looked the next morning, found blood and a bit of meat/bone? but no bear. Rained the night I shot it so tracking was difficult but we hunted and searched the next three days but no bear. The bear was looking straight at me when I shot so I'm guessing I hit the shoulder and passed through without hitting a vital organ or the bear went onto neighboring land and died. Lots of swamps where we hunted and we searched the ones we could but nothing. I feel crappy about that but the bear sat down/flattened out after I shot and then got up and ran into thick cover. It "looked" like a good hit and the blood was bright red and not just in one place, but again no bear. The shot was 117 yards per range finder using the 150 grain BT. The bear was ~ 250-300 lbs so not undergunned (imo), so I'm going with bad shot placement by me, kills me and I'm running that shot over and over in my head, but I shot from a monopod, but maybe at too low a power on the scope? 5X? Again, this kills me, I've never lost an animal I've hit and again, I don't think it was the gun or bullet but me. Damn.
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Originally Posted by pa257
........Again, this kills me, I've never lost an animal I've hit and again, I don't think it was the gun or bullet but me. Damn.
I'll go out on the limb and disagree with you. I think the bullet exploded shortly after impact and didn't penetrate deep enough to end the hunt. At the impact range you stated, the bullet hadn't lost much velocity.
Game usage description for this load at midwayusa claims it can be used for black bear. Funny how that same bullet listed as a reloading component does not mention black bear usage as a recommendation.
I think a different bullet would have served you better.
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Originally Posted by Game Stalker
I think a different bullet would have served you better.

160 gr. "bonded" or even a copper bullet sounds like better bear medicine !

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Well it's still my fault for not researching the 150gr bt for this configuration better but in some fairness to me; this was the second bear I've seen since the Pa combo deer/bear season started (2003?), so I was really deer hunting and went with the bullet that had the tighter pattern. After reading more about this caliber it does sound like the 160 partition is the best all around bullet for close and longer (500 yard) shots at game up to 700 lbs.
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I am not a fan of the BT's at closer ranges. They tear up too much meat and do not penetrate. I have personally put watermelon size holes on the off side of whitetails and mules with them. If a large bone is struck, they explode.I am using the Hornady 140 boat tail and the 150 Speer and elk and moose fall down. The partitions are for when I am in grizzly country. Try the 175 grain, and you will not be disappointed.
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