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Fans of the AR rifle

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Default Fans of the AR rifle

I started a thread trying to express myself about the AR rifle from the point of view of just one guy (me).

It is only fair to let the AR fans tell their side of the story.

Why do you like them?
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I already mentioned it on your other thread, but I'm not above a shameless re-post. In summary:
1. Very accurate
2. Zero Recoil
3. Quick Follow-up shot for multiple coyotes, or running coyotes.
4. Adaptable - can be set up for plinking, target shooting, varmint control, predator hunting, and they're even being chambered in some deer and hog appropriate cartridges nowadays.

That being said, I respect everyone's right to like or dislike AR's for any reason. I'm not gonna tell anyone they need one or have to have one. There are a lot of rifles out there. A lot of them can do almost anything an AR can do. Those are just MY reasons for liking AR's.
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With all the newer more powerful cartridges out there based off the .223/5.56 and the .308 cases for the AR platforms it just makes for a perfect platform for multiple hog hunts. You get the versatility that the AR allows for and if you get a quality rig you will have outstanding accuracy. Not to mention the .223 aint bad at all for predator hunting and a quality built AR is about the best semi on the market as far as accuracy goes. As with any other type rifle there are makers out there that are sub standard cheap knockoffs so do your research when in the market for one.
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What I like most about them is from a political standpoint. The sight of them in the hands of American civilians is as good as the middle finger to many of the gun grabbing anti-2nd amendment types.
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The two biggest drivers for me - they're chambered (primarily) for a high velocity 22cal centerfire round suitable for coyotes, and they're semiautomatic, which has a benefit for coyote hunting - and I'm a coyote hunter first and foremost. I was calling coyotes for over a decade before any dumb gun magazine decided to call it "predator hunting" and drag every bozo with a rifle out of the woodwork to educate coyotes, and for laying fur in the dirt, the AR is very hard to beat. (For deer hunting, I don't often use AR's, but I only do because I'm so used to them from calling coyotes - the fact that it's a semiauto then becomes completely moot).

For the price, there isn't a more reliable, more affordable, more accurate, or more versatile semiautomatic rifle on the market.

Starting life as a military platform made them available and gave them a toe in the door, the fact that they earn all the respect they get gave them staying power.

The fact that AR-15's facilitate optics easily is another huge advantage. You have to admit, putting a scope on a Garand, M1A, SKS, AK47, etc etc is less than elegant.

The proprietary nature of "branded" semiauto designs makes them, by default, less permeating - EVERYONE can make an AR and sell their version, but if you want a semiauto rifle, you can't buy an R1 from Winchester, you can't buy an SXAR from Remington, and you can't buy a 750 from Benelli... Ruger makes Ruger, Benelli makes Benelli, rem rem, winchester win... But EVERYBODY can make AR's, so I can buy the flavor of AR that I want, then pretend it's in some way better than the other flavor.

So... If there was a model that could do everything that I ask of my AR's, do it better, cheaper, or more reliably, then I'd be less of an AR fan. I haven't found that particular model yet.

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Like you uncle they never did it for me, about 1998 I had just about everything else a hunter could buy, had some extra cash and read about Tony Rumore building AR's in 458 socom, I had just had a very bad experience bear hunting with pistols and just more or less on impulse ordered a 20" tromix AR chambered in 458.
Daaayyuuuuummm, it shot good, after one season it came to me I really shot it well, could kill deer running hell bent for leather at will, so I ordered a RRA varminter
Daaayyuuuuummm! groundhogs were dieing at way beyond 223 range, I was averageing 94% first shot kills to 450 yards, killed a couple at 550, hung up my 22-250 and ordered a lightweight upper for calling vermin, man did they impress me, next was a custom from d-tech chambered in 25 wssm, man what a whitetail rifle!
an average AR will oushoot most factory bolt actions, a good one is scary. only fault I have found with them is all that aluminum will suck every bit of warmth out of your hands in zero weather.

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I at least appreciate your view, you generally find someone opposed to a firearm and think they don't belong in hunting but you at least accept it is another persons choice. I like them for their versatility, and it is what I am comfortable with. It was similar to what I was trained with in the military and I am very comfortable with the rifle. Shooting them I also find very fun but also very accurate.

Not sure on the try hards you mentioned in the other thread but we have those types here as well. Think the difference between the guys you meet and the ones here at the range ---> this is their life. Being that Camp Lejeune is right here nearly everyone you will meet like that will be Active Duty or a Veteran I just see it as them being them. Comfort and familiarity probably does play a big role.
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