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Remington 700 Value

Old 03-16-2014, 02:50 PM
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Default Remington 700 Value

I'm considering picking up a very lightly used Remington 700 chambered in 7mm Rem Mag. This rifle has spent most of it's life in a safe. Less than 20 rounds though the rifle and I know/trust the seller.

This particular rifle I guess would be called an ADL Synthetic? It has a synthetic stock that is different from the SPS stock of today. It has a blind floor plate, sights, a Simmons Aetec scope in Leupold rings and 140 rounds of Remington ammo. I'm not too keen on Simmons scopes but I figure I could sell it or put it on a 22 rimfire. I'd more than likely go Leupold or Zeiss for the optics.

What would be a fair price for this particular rifle?
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Old 03-16-2014, 03:21 PM
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Including ammo I would guess the price somewhere around $500.

I remember guys buying new ADL's for donor actions for around $350 just a couple of years ago. Rings, bases & scope usually fetch around 40% - 50% of their new price. Ammo is a WAG at $10 per box of 20.

$350 + 75 (rings, bases, and scope) + 70 (ammo) = $495 if my math is right.
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you can get a new rem 700 adl synthetic with Wal-Mart for.around $450 or so. they had a used adl wood stock 30/06 at handset mountain in York pa a month ago for $399 with leupold bases. if it is factory rem core lock ammo Wal-Mart has it for $28 a box. would have bought the 30/06 but bought a bdl 30/06 last fall with Simon's scope for $400. check of a deal. put the scope on a ruger 10/22 and put a Leupold on the 06. I like the adl got a set for my 8 year old nephew with wood stocks in 22/250, 25/06, 270, and 7mm magnum. I played from $375 too $415 for them the most recent one last summer for $375. the one for $415 was from my gunsmith friends personal collection the action was blueprinted stock glass ended and Barr free floated friend price. also matchless had simmons Aztec scopes for $50 not to long ago in their catalog.

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If you buy the ammo New at Wal-Mart it would bmw around $196 with yout tax. I would think to scope and bases should come with the gun as a bonus not a factor in price if it was a leupold how you can add that in to the price. So I would value rifle alone as $375-400.
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I bought a used Rem 700 ADL in .270 Win with a 4x Leupold about 2 years ago. If I remember right. I think I gave about $325 for it. Considering this one is a 7mm and comes with quite a bit of ammo, I'd offer about $400 and see what the seller has to say. $500 would be my max so if they don't like $400 I'd go up in increments from there.

For what it is worth, my usual go to rifle is an old Rem 700 ADL that I've had since I was 13. I don't know how many heads of game it has taken but it has been all over North America and has also been to Africa 5 times. I've taken 68 different species of big game and have taken probably 50 of those species with the 7mm. Mine likes Nosler 160 gr Accubonds and Partitions in a handload. I wouldn't hesitate to hunt anything in North America with the 7mm Mag.
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