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you can get a new rem 700 adl synthetic with Wal-Mart for.around $450 or so. they had a used adl wood stock 30/06 at handset mountain in York pa a month ago for $399 with leupold bases. if it is factory rem core lock ammo Wal-Mart has it for $28 a box. would have bought the 30/06 but bought a bdl 30/06 last fall with Simon's scope for $400. check of a deal. put the scope on a ruger 10/22 and put a Leupold on the 06. I like the adl got a set for my 8 year old nephew with wood stocks in 22/250, 25/06, 270, and 7mm magnum. I played from $375 too $415 for them the most recent one last summer for $375. the one for $415 was from my gunsmith friends personal collection the action was blueprinted stock glass ended and Barr free floated friend price. also matchless had simmons Aztec scopes for $50 not to long ago in their catalog.

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