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between 270 and 300 win mag

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

between 270 and 300 win mag

Old 03-19-2013, 12:29 AM
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I have a 270 and 300 win mag. I dont reload. Is it pointless to buy another gun in the same caliber?
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I don't gun hunt much, more of a bow hunter. But I went with a 30-06 for it's versatility. Nothing to extraordinary just a Ruger M77 MKII, glass bedded it / floated barrel, topped with a Burris Fullfield 4.5-14 x 42mm. After dialing in a hand load I have a rifle that's more accurate than I can shoot it. I can get 3 rounds into 3/4" at 100yds consistently off a bench and I'm sure a better shooter could shrink that. And that's a 165gr spbt with a hot load and serious recoil. Since you already have a 270 and 300mag I would recommend spending the money on reloading equipment rather than another rifle. You can fine tune a load that will give you a balance of power and the level of recoil your father is comfortable with. Reloading isn't difficult once you take some time to read up on it and ask a few questions.
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Originally Posted by NSpeziale
I have a 270 and 300 win mag. I dont reload. Is it pointless to buy another gun in the same caliber?
Buy something in between ~ recommend 7MM RM.

Each caliber should play a "back-up" role for the other; often it's more a matter of the terrain your hunting in (always bring 2 guns on important hunts).

The only time I would buy the same caliber would be a .223 (for example): one in a boltgun and one in a AR platform. As always, just one man's opinion.
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Old 03-21-2013, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by NSpeziale
I have a 270 and 300 win mag. I dont reload. Is it pointless to buy another gun in the same caliber?
Not necessarily. If your father is going to hunt at the same time as you, both of you could carry the same caliber and have double the ammo available. Also, good insurance in case something goes wrong with either rifle. You want to buy a rifle for your dad which is a good thing. Make your best choice and then enjoy the hunting with your dad.
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.308 or .30-06 are more than sufficient. I have no data to back it up, but I'd venture a guess that more animals have been taken with two cartridges than any other.

If you shoot it well, it will work.
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Originally Posted by WV Hunter
Ditto. Love mine.
Ditto, Ditto to both of the above. If you were to reload for it, you could almost duplicate 7MM Mag performance.
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hate to tell u 06, dose it all,n it dont hert
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Originally Posted by bronko22000
I too would have the say the good old 30-06 is a good choice between the two. But the .280 would be a strong second. Shoots flat enough for distance with almost as much oomph as the 7mm RM without all the recoil. The mag will give you a bit more fps but at a cost of considerable more powder.
Like others have posted, it's hard to beat a .30-06.

If you and your Dad are sharing rifles, and you already have a .270 Win, I would advise against a .280 Rem. There is very little difference in downrange performance between them, and they look close enough alike that there is the possibility of mixing up the cartridges and rifles.

I reload for all of my centerfire shooting, including my .270 Win and my .300 Weatherby (my favorite hunting rifle!) and even at today's inflated powder prices, it only costs me 10 cents more in powder to load a .300 Wby cartridge than it does to load a .270 cartridge.

The price of fuel is more of an issue than the cost of reloading a few cartridges.
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