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270 ideas

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Default 270 ideas

I'm planning to purchase a 270 for my son's college graduation. I love the bolt on the Browning A-bolt but also interested in the Savage with accu trigger. any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
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i hear great things about A-bolts. i've shot one once, so i dont have much input on it. I have shot savages with an accu trigger and like it. Another gun with a trigger similar to a Savage is Marlin. Marlin basically stole the accu trigger and call it the "pro-fire trigger" system. I have read reviews about the accu trigger being a little more trouble some, never had any first hand experience with the accu trigger being troublesome. Check out the Marlin X7 series, they are similar to Savage rifles.
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I'm very biased towards my savage weather warrior. I do think the brownings are a nice rifle! But I love the trigger on my savage!
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Tikka makes a real nice inexpesive rifle
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The new Model 70s out now are a real bang for your bucks!
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I have a Savage .270 and have shot the A-Bolt a couple of time. Both are nice rifles but I prefer the Savage trigger.
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Never shot the Browning but shot most others and I prefer the Savage. Thats all I buy when it comes to rifles. The price is right and love the accu trigger.
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savage weather warrior is the way to go.
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I have only one Savage .. a 10ML. It has the accutrigger. Nice. And this muzzle loader is amazingly accurate.

There are tons of choices out there for your son. I hunt with about 20 different guys and a couple of gals on a regular basis. The rifles "we" use include Savage, Browning, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Styer, Marlin, NEF, TC COntender (pistol) and an old sported Mauser. Among these are auto loaders, lever action, bolt action, and single. shot. So the way I see it, it is more a matter of budget than anyting else. Nothing wrong at all with a Savage.

You did not mention ... but if you are going to mount a scope, buy the best glass that you can afford. About any modern rifle being sold today will shoot just fine. But if you can't see 'em, you can't kill 'em.
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I have a couple savage rifles with the accu-trigger...a model 10 (FLCP-K) in 308 and a model 93 in 17 them both...they are both very accurate and I especially love their triggers. They will shoot with any rifle out there dollar for dollar. But.... I also have a Browning A-Bolt in 25 WSM and I to love this rifle too...the trigger is very nice (just not quite as nice as the savage) but it is equally accurate, and it has a very nice Walnut stock on it (I much prefer a really nice wood stock).

Consider another option...Tikka. I bought my Tikka T-3 Stainless Lite (270 WSM) 2 years ago and it is by far my favorite hunting rifle. The trigger breaks like glass (as good or better than the savage), the rifle handles nicely and is more accurate than I am. It truly is a pleasure to shoot and hunt with.

All three rifles are comparably priced...all 3 have adjustable triggers...they will all out shoot the average shooter. The most important thing is to get the rifle that fits him best. My suggestion would be to take him shopping for it and find the rifle that feels the best to is the most important part of a rifle in my opinion...if it isn't comfortable to shoot, he won't enjoy shooting it.
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