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Help finding my next gun

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

Help finding my next gun

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I was wrong about some of my information earlier. I do not need a pistol permit to buy pistol ammo in NYS, some retailers require it (like Wal-Mart) but there are plenty of locations that I can purchase handgun ammo from around my house.

Right now I am looking into a short barrel lever action rifle, I've looked at some chambered in .45/70, 30/30, and .44 Magnum. Also a local gun shop associate recommended the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 in .40 S&W. I am not sure if it will have enough power to stop a bear (although it's an extremely unlikely scenario given we have Black Bears in NY it is still something to consider).

So this may broaden my search some. Also 4 rounds seems like an awful small capacity given it is a defense weapon, it seems if I was ever in a situation that I would need to use it my aim would probably not be 100%. I may be over thinking this some, but I welcome any other suggestions. Also light weight is still a huge factor, after handling some of the lever actions adding 7-8+ lbs to my pack is quite a lot (excluding ammo and extra ammo).

The price range is now $500-1000. Going over 1,000 is a possibility on the low end.

Again I appreciate all the feedback, it has really helped me get on the right path to finding the perfect fit.

As for the comment about 14 months in Onondaga County for a pistol permit, that is accurate. My appointment with the Sheriff's office is not till October (appointment made in February) which will be when I have my finger prints and photo taken, as well as PD and FBI back round checks. From then it will be another 3-6 month processing period. Between classes and back round checks it costs ~400$ as well, and is only a sportsman permit allowing hiking/hunting/range use and posses on premise. Sorry for the rant, it's just a frustrating process.

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Problem solved
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