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Looking to buy Deer Rifle

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Default Looking to buy Deer Rifle

I have a friend that I took hunting for the first time this fall and he is hooked for life. He has bought all his own camo and scents and all he needs now is a rifle. It does not need to be anything fancy. Just want to buy something fairly inexpensive. Just needs to be a good reliable gun with a little knock-down. Let me know what you have and a price. Thanks in advance.

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Ruger Hawkeye in a generic .270 would certainly do the trick.
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You'll a ton of advice here ... all good I expect. Here's mine. Probably wirth all of $.02 !! I am big fan of 30 cal. center fire. My personal preference is the 308 Win. Using 165 gr. bullets, such as the Nosler Partition or Sierra Game King or Hornady SSt, and many others in this weight .... this is a potent short action round out to distances as far as most of us are marksmen enough to manage. Recoil is moderate. As for a rifle ? I'd stay with a quality bolt action. Usually a bolt action is going to be more accurate and more reliable in the field than auto loaders or pumps. In most cases, one and maybe two "quality" shots is all that you'll get anyway. About any new model from any maker is going to be a good choice. I am partial to Styer and Ruger. If your buddy is going to put a scope on the rifle ... for sure steer him/her away for a mistake I made in the past and have seen over and over and over since .... cheap scopes. Doesn't take a $2000 Ziess or Swarovski to have a "good" scope, but in my book it is darn near sinful to drop a low end scope on a good shooting rifle. Bushnell Elite 4200, Ziess Conquest, and Leupold Vari-X III scope are all very good values for the $$$. I am not a fan of "busy" reticules, such as the so called ballistic reticules. Just too much "junk" to think about and honestly for shots out to 200-250 yards or so, not really necessary with a little work at the range. For me a simple, clean German #4 or other heavy plex is ideal for quickly picking up moving game, and for managing low light shots.
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what part of the world you in?
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Go to a good gun shop (if you can find one) and find out what he likes and what fits him. Maybe he likes lever actions, maybe bolts. As for caliber, I'd say anything from 243 on up will work just fine, but magnums are not required for deer.

Also there are many used guns out there, and a lot of those are lightly used. Money saved on the rifle can be put toward optics. Spend at least 100 (200ish is better) on the optics.
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Take a look at these;
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marlin xl7. they come in .270 or 30-06 i believe. Got mine for about $400 i believe. .270 is basically a necked down 30-06, both will take most game in the states. both are around the same price in ammo. about 20$ for a box of 20. also take a look at a lever action marlin and winchester make nice ones and a 30-30 is great for deer and cheap ammo you'll find everywhere. good luck
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I'm partial to Marlin lever action rifles. You can get a new Marlin 336W at Walmart for $369, and with Leverevolution ammo the 30-30 will easily reach out and kill cleanly at 250+ yards.
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Originally Posted by hookeye
Savage 110 or Stevens 200 (not an Axis) with a Redfield (new style made by Leupold) 3-9X in Burris Signature Zee rings on Weaver bases. Probably in .308 if he likes short action.

Down the road, should he get really bitten by the bug, and want something different or even oddball, he has an easy to rebarrel action.
Bingo... That's exactly what I have. I have an old (1998) Savage 110 chambered in .308 and it is an excellent, wickedly accurate, rifle! I have a Bushnell Trophy 3-9x40 scope with Weaver rings and base.

My rifle was bought used, so you can tell your friend that he can go used if he wants. Ain't nothing wrong with that... He just needs to pick out a rifle that "speaks" to him and fits him like a glove.

Just remember though... If you're in an area that is incredibly thick with pricker bushes, briars, and real heavy woods, where you won't even have a shot of 50 yards, then a simple lever action .30-30 with open sights would do the trick. If you have anything over 100 yards, then you can get a real nice bolt action rifle with scope in any caliber from .243 on up.

Like someone said earlier, you're going to get tons of opinions here!

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If you're looking for something inexpensive but effective, I'd get a Remington 770; every bit as accurate as the more expensive Remington 700s.

I'd stick with a caliber that is easy to get shells for- .243,.270, .308, 30-06.
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