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7mm or .300

Old 10-18-2011, 05:50 AM
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They are both excellent calibers. My choice is the 7mm Rem Mag. Just my preference.
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Originally Posted by skb2706 View Post
If you never leave IL then go with the smaller caliber. If you have plans that include something bigger then maybe bigger is better. I like .300 Win mags myself but thats what I hunt with most of the time.

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I had a similar dilemna in '95 when trying to decide what gun to buy. I wanted a model 70 classic, in stainless, but didnt know if I wanted the 7mm rem mag, or the 300 win mag. Also was worried about the recoil. The gunshop only had the 7mm, so I took it home. Since then, she is on her second scope, and took off the synthetic stock, and added wood to her. Do I wish I bought a 300 sometimes? Sure. I can tell you this though, she has never let me down, and has dropped a few deer in her time. For me, the 300 would of been too big a jump from a 30/30. Either the 300, or 7mm, would work for anything in the lower 48. Ive shot both now, and like both equally. If you feel you may be a tad tender towards recoil, go with the 7mm. If you can handle magnum recoil and shoot accurately, then go with whatever floats your boat. If alaska is in your eyes, get the 7mm, and look to buy a 338 later. One never has too many guns. Lastly, convince the wife you need a 7mm, 300, and 338!
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I'd say there are about as many of one as the other here.And there a probably about the same number of 338's A lot of big brown rugs were made by all 3. I carry the 300 ,only because it seemed there were more different bullets for the30 cal. That was over 20 years ago and I've seen no reason to change, but would not feel under gunned with any of those.
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I own both cal's...a Rem 700 in 7mm Rem Mag and a Win Mod 70 in .300 .270 WIN .308 WIN and 270 WSM will all perform equally (when hand loaded) with the 7mm or .300 WM...with less recoil and cheaper (ammo/reloading cost)...
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I own a 7MM RM because my small rifle is a .243.

My upgrade is a .338 WM.

I'll buy a .300 WM, after I get a .270.
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The truth is a 30-06 is so close to a 7 rem. mag there is no advantage if ya reload. If ya can do it with a 300 win ya can do it with an 06 if the target is a bit closer. I always though neither was needed cause the 06 is right between them. If you need a magnum you need one big enough to make a difference, like a 338 win. Not that I care.
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Originally Posted by ihookem1 View Post
The truth is a 30-06 is so close to a 7 rem. mag there is no advantage if ya reload.
Ummm I reload, and I can still see the advantage of the 7. It takes a heavier-for-caliber bullet in a 30 cal to roll par with a 7's BC, and rolling heavy means losing velocity, and losing velocity means losing performance. So with this in thought, it takes a big boomer of a 30 cal to fly as slick as a 7 with a smaller appetite. Call me crazy, but I'll take the 7s smaller appetite of powder and bullet cost, less drop and drift to the 300.

I'll add this isn't anything to worry about on the hunting field. If you can't get close enough to down your game with a centerfire, you need to be a better hunter Buut when it comes to having fun, then there is an advantage. And I shoot way more at paper and steel than animals, so gimme the 7!
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I have reloaded, shot, and hunted with both. IMO the 300 is the better choice because of the better bullet selection - especially the heavier ones. Never know when you will want to go get a bear, elk, or even African plains game. That said, I hunt with a 7mm only because I found a load with Barnes 175gn that is mind-boggling accurate..

You will be served well by both calibers..
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7mm08...i just got one, put the 300wsm,....well all the others probably wont see the outside of the safe this year.
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