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Ruger GP100

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Default Ruger GP100

Ruger GP100-002.jpg

Ruger GP100-003.jpgOK so I finally got my NY pistol permit (only took a yearLOL)
In NY they make you buy a pistol before they approve your application. I wanted a smith but the local stores didnt have one that fit my needs and price, so i bought a 6" ruger GP100 357mag on impulse, they didnt even let me handle it when I bought it @ gandermt so aferwards I was kinda regertting it and I was thinking this whole time I was gonna sell it, and eat the loss, and put the $ towards a smith but now that Im holding it, I really like it, and Ill probly keep it although havent shot it yet.

so does anyone have this gun? feedback? have you hunted with it, or any 357 howd it perform ? thanks.
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I have a GP100 and they are pretty much bullet proof. Very sturdy, easy to take apart and clean, will handle any factory +P+ ammo you can stuff into it and they are pretty accurate right out of the box. The only down side to them is that they are heavy but it's the price you pay for having a sturdy revolver.

With a steady diet of +P ammo your Ruger will still be going strong years after a Smith has rattled loose.

I haven't hunted with it or any of my .357's for that matter as I have (I feel) better choices of calibers in my possession to choose from. Not to say it won't do the job on deer sized game, it will but choose your ammo wisely.

Here in Illinois they have a minimum requirement for hunting with pistols (caliber size and muzzle energy) and the .357 is just makes the grade.

If you are using it for larger game, you would be much better off with a .44mag, +p.45 Colt, 454, .480 Ruger, 500SW, etc...

Congrats on the new revolver......
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Cool. Thanks for the feedback
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Have had a 4 in blue gp 100 for quite a few yrs now.Have always liked it & it shoots real well.Never have hunted with it( dosnt meet the states requirments for big game & energy left at 100 yrs i dont think) or carried it much.

A plus is its a bit lighter( and more compact) then our redhawk ,superblackhawk etc

they didnt even let me handle it when I bought it @ gandermt
Thats pretty odd.
One can carry whatever one whats to here.

I believe today is also the day the new law takes effect here- No ccp permit or licences etc needed.

Should add -good luck with yours (didnt relize it was your first handgun) & congrats too.

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Ruger's steel frame revolvers are strong, reliable and accurate. I would take a DA/SA Ruger over any S&W or the S&W clones. IMO, with a Ruger you have a much better and stronger firearm than a S&W at a lower cost.
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I have his little brother...SP101. It's a fine handgun and serves as my second carry option. You made a sound decision.
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Have to agree with the others, Ruger makes quality revolvers. While I do not own a GP100 I have heard nothing but good things about them. I do own a Ruger SP101, Vaquero and Old Army all fine pistols.

Congrats on the purchase.

they didnt even let me handle it when I bought it @ gandermt
This does seem very strange.
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I have two of them.

One is carried when I'm hunting and the other is carried concealed when I feel like packin' a wheelie.

I find that with a little judicious gunsmithing the Rugers clean up really nice and give a good trigger pull. Wolff makes a spring kit that will assist you in getting the poundage of thr trigger pull down to a smooth and manageable level while staying within factory specs.

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Default gp 100

in my opinion i think you got the better of the two. ruger is the only revolver i will buy. ive owned a couple revolvers and like the rugers best. i have a ruger redhawk, 44 mag. which i feel is better than the S&W model 29. ive owned a gp 100 but traded it for the 44. once you start shooting yours i think you will like it.
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Thanks for the FB, Im really exited now, to go to the range tomorrow and shoot this thing. I got 100 38s and 50 357 blazers. I plan to work up a hunting load soon.
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