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Default m1a

i currenty have a model 9222 m1a and have been thinking of upgrading to a m21 9131. do you think it is worth the big step? i also have a m1a scout for plinking. the longer barrel is for target shooting. the m21 with the krieger barrel would be a plus but i'm kinda on the fence.

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Do you mean this one?

Your 9222 is already close to the M21, or anyway closer than you'd be with the scout rifle. How precise do you need to get? Are you handloading your ammo or using factory?

From what I've seen the difference is several hundred dollars, which is a lot to me but maybe not to you. The difference in performance is maybe 1/2 MOA?

For the difference you're getting the Kriger barrel instead of the national match, slightly better sights, slightly better trigger and the adjustble comb. For me those wouldn't be enough to justify the cost unless I was a match shooter.

YMMV, and all that.
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JMO - No.

From what I've seen, the 9131 is generally about double the price one can obtain a 9222 for. Yes, you get better components but you pay considerably for them. You mention "target shooting" as the use for this rifle. Competition? If you're just a casual target shooter, this is a lot of money to spend.

Beyond that, you're still on the M1A/M14 platform. If you consider adding optics later, all those upgraded components demand you not skimp on the base. From what I've seen, high-end M1A/M14 scope mounts are still pretty spendy, not to mention hard-to-come-by. Another option might be putting it into a chassis (i.e. Sage or JAE). But you have nearly another grand invested, and you still don't have the scope.

If I had 9131 kind of money to spend, I'd probably be looking more at custom bolt guns, possibly in calibers other than .308.
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thanks for the reply's. it would be used for casual shooting and to add to the collection. i like the nostalgia of the m1a so that is why i'm thinking of this. i have several ar15's and ar10's, i just like the m1a as well. i may do some military shoots or something later, idk.
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