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270 WSM to 6.5mm

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270 WSM to 6.5mm

Old 10-23-2007, 06:28 PM
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Default 270 WSM to 6.5mm

I have a rifle chambered in the 270 WSM and would like see if it can be re-barreled to 6.5 Remington Magnum. Looking at the spec. from both cartridges , they are very similar in size so I would assume the action should work, but I’m not sure.

The other possibility was maybe 6.5-284 but the dia. of this cartridge is little smaller.

Both 6.5 R. M. and 6.5-284 cartridge measure 0.070” longer then the 270 WSM. Would this be a problem?

Would anyone know for sure on either one ? ...

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Old 10-23-2007, 11:36 PM
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Default RE: 270 WSM to 6.5mm

I think that you should stay with the .270wsm.I have one in a browning a-bolt,I find it to be a great cartridge when hand loaded.My nefew was killing deer out to 500 yards last season with no problem.I do like the 6.5X.284 I have had one for 5 years now,it's almost the same thing.
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Old 10-24-2007, 12:23 AM
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Default RE: 270 WSM to 6.5mm

If you like 6.5mm bullet diameter why not go for .270 wsm necked down?
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Old 10-24-2007, 05:44 AM
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Default RE: 270 WSM to 6.5mm

Thanks guy’s but I already have a 270 WSM and going for a wildcat isn’t something I’m interested in.

I had purchased this used 270 WSM rifle with intentions of getting it re-barreled for the 300 WSM but came across a very nice Winchester in a 300 WSM that I’m having a hard time resisting to purchase. So I’m trying to see what options I may have with that second 270 WSM.

I did try and cycle a empty 350 R.M. cartridge in that 270 and it seamed to work so the possibility looks good for the 6.5 R.M. Would anyone know for sure ?...
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Old 10-24-2007, 08:02 AM
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Default RE: 270 WSM to 6.5mm

Another vote for the 6.5. I have one now that is set up for 1000 yards and as soon as i find another action i am going to have a 6.5 x .284 in a 7 1/2 pound deer gun. I love the 6.5 flat shooting great bc and awesome accuarcy.
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Old 03-31-2011, 07:57 AM
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Unless you are going to be shooting over 400 and 500 yards, then you are better off just using the 270WSM. You can rebarrel to a 6.5WSM, but you will have to neck down the brass, and probably do some neck turning depending on the reamer used in the rebarrel. There is not a lot of ballistic difference in the 270WSM and 6.5WSM with 140 gr bullets until you start getting out past 500 yards or more.
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Old 03-31-2011, 03:17 PM
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The WSM is fatter than the 6.5mm Rem.Mag. the 6.5 rem mag is based on a shortened 375H&H and has a belt

the WSM is close to a shortened 404 jeffery, believe the RUM and SAUM are based on a 404 jeffery, so the WSM is close to that.

believe the 6.5 WSM is called the 6.5 Leopard

if I wanted a 6.5 I'd get a 6.5-284 Norma I think.

the 270 wsm is more popular than both the 6.5 RemMag or the 6.5-284 if you ask me, though the 6.5-284 will only continue to get more popular

Is your 270wsm by chance built on a long action? a 6.5 or 264 weatherby would be a helluva cartridge, weatherby should release one...

there's always the 264 win.mag.

the 6.5 rem.mag is skinnier than the WSM case though. not sure your bolt face or barrel will work.

btw what exactly is the problem with your 270wsm??

if you reload and want to move to a less popular round that still has velocity and BC's, checkout a 7mm SAUM, or 7mm WSM, just get a new barrel and you're set.

I think I'd keep the rifle in 270wsm how it is, and either keep it or sell it, and get a new rifle how you want...

remington came out with the model 673 a few years back in 6.5mm rem.mag. with a 22" barrel I believe, just buy one of those if you want a 6.5mm RM, or have ER Shaw build you one for $800 however you want it...

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