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mmm new toy

Old 03-04-2011, 07:09 PM
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Default mmm new toy

I was sitting on my computer not really looking at anything or thinking about hey I want a gun, the subject has been on my mind for months, since appliying for my permit. Figured with the glock 21 I was good to go, slap it on my belt and no worries(indiana is a we do not give a **** how you carry state) with the time in florida I did some checking and sadly no OC. So been looking at small cc guns, 357s compact 9mms, a few diff things, even a 250 custom CC shoulder hoslter dam that thing is high. I got a email from a conceal carry org. and I said ya I need to get me a CC gun, then I hit some sights looking and within 10 minutes I was calling, looking for three guns, a glock 17, glock 19 or a Beretta m9

Found a 19 in evansville(100 miles away) 500, found a 19 and 17 25 miles away, then a few up north, Heck I thought obama had shut my phone off, everytime I called a store in indianpolis I got a busy signal , I called my mom thinking it was my phone, and it was not.

I sad **** it and jumped in the guy and called a buddy(my neighbor and he went with me, when he got in the car he said were we going, I said to buy a new gun . Oddly he was preparing to hit walmart for a 500 combo

SO I went down handled the glock 17, 19, and the subcompact 45acp, the subcompacts were way to small, the 19 was alittle to small and just did not feel like the gun for me, so I handled the 17,

I asked the guy to match the price on the 19(25 bucks) more trying to see if he would since I have done some business with them(pawnshop) and this is my first gun purchase, he did and said you have been a good customer.
I bought a box of hollow points from him and hit walmart for some win 100 round bulk boxs.

Will be shooting my new toy tomorrow, not the best CC gun but I want a target shooter to since 45 are high and hard to find. Should be alittle easier then the 21, plus maybe florida will pass the open carry law soon.

I will post some pics of my groups tomorrow.

Also I saw online where they have a new add on safety for the glocks that is a real safety, anyone had one yet.
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BT - I've been on a buying spree lately. I got a Judge (the 2 1/2" UL model). I thought it might have been too big for CC but with a belt slide holster from "The Holster Store" it fits snug tomy hip and you can't notice it. I also got a Taurus 605 2" 357 which is also a good carrier. Then my most recentis a ATI GSG 1911 in .22 LR. This isn't for CC but for practice. IF I want to CC a 1911 I will tote the 45ACP in my Fobus paddle holster. These 3 handguns have been purchased in the past 2 weeks. And right now I have bids on a T/C Renegade muzzy and a Fox BSE sxs shotgun.
I can't stop myself. Just something about the combination of wood/metal and things that go bang.
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yeap, I wanted a 357 but like shooting and felt the semi would be funner to shoot, plus with the 17, I can say I need something alittle smaller later buy the 357 and have a CC gun
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great gun you got, carry the glock 17 at work, also have the 21 for hogs.
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