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Shotgun question

Old 02-16-2011, 09:45 AM
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Default Shotgun question

Hi, im going hog hunting friday and i had questions about ammo im going to use either slugs or buckshot

I have some winchester elite dual bond sabot slugs and they say for only rifled barrels. I have a slug gun but i want to carry my other gun for buckshot too. My question is are these sabot slugs safe to shoot from my regular barrel? I kno accuracy will be compromised but i wont have any long distance shots.

Another question is about buckshot, will a full choke compress the shot too much or is it ok?
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I find modified best for buckshot. That said, you sure wouldn't catch me ever using the stuff on game again. Espeicallly hogs. Unless you like tearing up good meat, and getting sucky penetration.

For your purpose, anything from sluggers, to rottwieler brennekes will work like a champ. I sure wouldn't waste money on winchester sepreme slugs for less than 50 yard shots.
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Forget buckshot. It will work on a small hog, but I've seen too many hogs weighing over 100 lbs taking a load of buckshot, and didn't go down, didn't leave a blood trail, and were never found.
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You can shoot the slugs, but you will need to shoot them to see where they hit.
You will have to pattern to see how well the buckshot shoots out of your full choke. I have several that shoot very well out of a super full choke, several that shoot very well with a cylinder choke, and several more that shoot very well with a modified choke.
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No experience with slugs, but shoot a round or two of buckshot and pattern your gun. If you have other chokes, it's always worth trying to a few others too and see which one patterns best. Mine happens to like a full choke best, but when talking to other guys I hunt with, some of their guns pattern best with modified chokes, while some like full chokes.
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less you're expectin only to see small hogs, leave the buckshot at home
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