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92FS Baretta disappointment

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Originally Posted by jdhogg
sir,i dont mean to disrespect your choice but the 92 has always been and will be a piece of crap.the army bought it because it was cheap.we found cases of them in iraq that were much better than what we had.the 92 will always be junk and is forever.i used it in iraq and ended up using my sig,didnt trust it in combat.others might like it but just ask the majority of the troops that used it,i would rather have a cheap star pistol than the 92.its amazing how good a weapon is until your life depends on it,and mine has and the 92 didnt cut the i hope to hear from you expertsplease reply cause i gotta hear the BS
Maybe it won't come as a surprise, but the Army buys EVERYTHING because it's cheap (the low bid), or because some Congressman interferes with the acquisition process. Further, most troops don't have a choice of what they carry in the realm of sidearms - unless they're "surfer-dudes" or CID. Be careful, now...

I'd be interested in your objective basis for "didn't cut the mustard"? Did it fail? And how or why? My own contention is that its best use is as an EOF weapon. If you find yourself relying on a sidearm, something has not gone very well. The 9mm sort of works on the feral dogs, but I don't think I'd want to rely on ANY 9mm in a pinch. Fortunately, I also had access to rifles, and it was a rare occasion when I wasn't carrying one. Pistols are wonderful on the FOB, but otherwise....

My issue M9 wasn't what I considered "junk" though. And I don't consider my personal M92FS "junk", either. I don't care as much for 9mm x 19 as I used to, but that has nothing to do with Beretta. Like any weapon with fixed sights, it's important that you know where your particular weapon prints, but there's little adjustment possible. The first round from DA causes everyone problems, the pointers above are a good summary. Reset isn't perfect, but it's not as bad as - oh, a cheap Star.

Practice is the key. It's hard to really assess what a firearm's capable of - and particularly handguns - until you've had some range time with them.
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I've not used that before, but it appears to make sense with what others have said as well. I'm going to get in some more range time before I conclude my feelings on this one.

I, too, am interested to hear what failures occurred in Iraq.
Thanks for the responses!!!
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I have a sig 226 also. When I got it many years ago, I went around very happy with my purchase. Told everyone how its so much better than my 92FS. I got my 92 in late 80's. Finally somone asked me what it does (226) over my 92fs. I said, they are better made. They asked how. I said look at all the reports. Finally it occured to me, just because it cost more doesn't actually make it better. I have probably 5000 or more rounds thru the sig. It hasn't failed either. I would recommend both to anyone.
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I own a 92FS in blue. Mine is the police model with the 13 round mags. I pretty much have treated that pistol like piss. Pretty much beat on it, carry it everytime I go hunting, everytime I walk in the woods, it never gets oil, never gets cleaned. It's never once not fired, and I've shot several thousand rounds through it. On top of that it's extremely accurate. More accurate than most. Also very smooth with a very nice trigger once the hammer is back.

Just about everyone that has shot it loves it. Not to say that it isn't possible that you got a dud but my experience has been quite good.

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