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wanna be sniper trend

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

wanna be sniper trend

Old 02-07-2010, 05:38 AM
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Dang! A lot of sandy manginas here!

I think I know the point the OP is trying to make. I know someone that misses a lot of deer, I mean a LOT of deer! It's kind of embarrasing. The last time he missed it was with his "sniper" rifle. The shot was over 100 yards but he had never shot the rifle 100 yards, much less more than that. He figured since it was sighted in at 25 yards that was good enough.

It's like he misses so much he doesn't even try anymore. It's an older gentleman, so maybe it's age. He never passes up a shot, no matter how impossible it is. Sometimes it's not a clean miss but a wound that's not bad enough to kill. It doesn't seem to bother him.
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Old 02-08-2010, 02:04 PM
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To some people a gun is more than a hunting device, it can be a statement or symbol about who you are. Lets face it, it is pretty fun to show off to your friends/fellow hunters. People want attention! Who is going to be cooler in deer camp? Guy with a lever action 30-30 and a station wagon, or a guy with a Barret 50 BMG that rolls up with his F-350 chromed out and has a spank'n hot trophy wife?
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Old 02-08-2010, 04:48 PM
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I say if the man wants to hump a 14lb rifle up a mountain to set it up to shoot across a canyon at an elk so be it. As long as he can hit what he aim at he's got a good plan in my book for one way of doing it. Of course the guy in the tree's with a 30-30 might do it just as good. Apples and Oranges.

There's no rifle out there that will shoot clover leaf groups at 200yds without a shooter behind it. Now that's a fact. I've out shot bench rest guns with my hunting rifle at local shoots. Sure a nice rifle makes a good shooter even sweeter, but it does very little for a guy with bad shooting habits.

It's not so easy to just stick one in the boiler room at 700yds in hunting situations. Even 500-600yds has enough variables to make it a challenge without proper knowledge and decent equipment. You not likely to do this with a poor maintained rifle that has a horrible trigger pull. You have to know your rifle, your loads, and your conditions your up against to do it with effectiveness.

I commend the men that take the time learn their rifle so well. Cuz i'm that guy carrying that 26" 300win mag up that mountain, but mine is in a Ruger No1 and it is my sniper rifle. Cowboy up.
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Old 02-08-2010, 08:08 PM
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Go get'em Blackelk !!!
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Old 02-09-2010, 09:26 AM
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I never get down to this subforum. But the hate and venom spewed by some of you guys to the OP was a little over the top. Long range shooting is an art, an art that I am not proficient at, as well as a huge portion of the hunting community. Modern technology creates guns that are capable of shots that the vast majority of us simply cannot make. Should they be banned?? NO. Should users of these types of firearms get all bent outta shape when someone asks/comments on popularity of these firearms and makes comments that don't jive with yuor way of thinking?? NO. Be civil and educate the poster much like RidgeRunner has done. Don't be abrassive like others I won't mention, cuz ya only come off looking like a phallus symbol that will be ignored in the future.

Back to the Turkey and Deer Forums I go!!
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Old 02-10-2010, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by dylan_b
i a fixed 6x is a very effective scope for short range...
I'd like to know what you consider "short range". I have an IOR Valdada fixed 6x on my A-Bolt 25-06, and I don't feel the least bit handicapped out to 300 yards on a woodchuck.
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