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Crontrol round feed vs. Push feed

Old 09-01-2009, 07:26 AM
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Default Crontrol round feed vs. Push feed

Went to check a game camera yesterday and walked up on a few small pigs. Well, Momma pig was watching about 40 yards away and was pissed. For the first time ever, I got charged.
Luckily, I got a shot off with my Browning Stainless Stalker and dumped her at about 20 yards. I quickly cycled the bolt like always, but the case failed to eject causing the gun to jam. Made me wonder what might have happened if I had missed my first shot.
Anyway, I'm looking at possibly going to a CRF rifle since we hunt hogs year round.
Been looking at the Ruger M77 Hawkeye. Anyone have much experience with one? My Browning is wicked accurate, and I'm worried that I will loose some of that accuracy with the Hawkeye

Any opinions would be welcomed.

PS. Looking at the Hawkeye because I'm a lefty and the new Win. 70's are right hand only so far.
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The reason the case failed to eject is because you didn't pull the bolt all the way back and give the case enough room to eject...

That had nothing to do with the type bolt you were using...

I'd just practice more with what you have...Shoot at the range and cycle the bolt without bring the rifle down...
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Sounds like you short stroked it (as nchawkeye) suggested. That usually happens while under duress or during hurried-up times.
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Originally Posted by bugsNbows
Sounds like you short stroked it (as nchawkeye) suggested. That usually happens while under duress or during hurried-up times.
Agree 100%
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who short strokes it? psssh, throw that bolt!
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I'd have to agree that it sounds as though you short stroked it. Now on the Ruger, I have two, a m77MKII and a Hawkeye, essentially the same gun just that the Hawkeye has some cosmetic differences and the new LC6 trigger. I love my mauser actions. The main differences with the Hawkeye over the standard MKII is they have a slightly thinner profile on the barrel, slightly thinner profile on the fore end of the stock and instead of having the highly polished finish it's a matte finish. I don't think you can go wrong but if you short stroking it having a CRPF wouldn't resolve the issue for you. You still need to pull the bolt back far enough for the ejector to contact the case. The advantage is that if your at an odd angle the extractor will guide the next round into the chamber by the rim being under the extractor preventing it from falling out of the action.
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i get feeding extracting problems all the time with my weatherby vanguards. the extracting problem is due to the scope turret being in the way. so when i throw the bolt back the gun kicks the shell out and up, hitting the turret and falling back in the action. the feeding problems i think are due to a combination of poorely designed feeding tracks and the rifles being chambered in wsm's. like the other guys said crf wont fix a short throw but on the other hand ive never had any problem with my lee enfields, which are control round push feed. and if your worried about accuracy dont get the international models from ruger, my fathers old m77 mk.1 int. will only get about a 1.5 group on a good day

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