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Steyr M95

Old 08-22-2009, 01:36 AM
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Default Steyr M95

Howdy guy's, Just picked up a Steyr M95 from a bud of mine.Funny looking old thing.I think the straight pull bolt is wild also.When you think of old European rifles you almost have to think of some long barrel thing .This is pretty neat due to it being the short version.I don't think it is the carbine but can't think of the name they give the thing .Has Steyr stamped on the receiver but no country.(have seen them with Hungary stamped on the receiver)Barrel shiny ,wood decent ,matching # on wood and bolt (so Far) have not taken it all of the way down yet.Pain in the arse to get the bolt back in......LOL.Got about 300 rounds of Nazi marked ammo with it also.All for $100.My son (15) has laid claim to it already.Guess we will have to go to the farm and shoot this afternoon.One question, I know this should go in the reloading part but,can you make the 8X56 brass out of the 7X57 or the 8mm ma-user brass isn't it 8X57 also?Kinda want to let the boy try to hunt with it some this year if it shoots decent and don't want to use the non expanding military rounds.Have not tried to find ammo yet Figure it will be like that Argentine Mauser I bought.I will try to get some pics .Pretty neat piece of firearms history.
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Old 08-22-2009, 06:07 AM
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can you make the 8X56 brass out of the 7X57 or the 8mm ma-user brass isn't it 8X57 also?
Not if I Recall correctly. I think the case of the 8X56R is larger in diameter at the head.......
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Old 08-22-2009, 02:33 PM
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If the designation is 8X56R, You won't be able to use either cartridge to create it. "R" indicates a rimmed cartridge (i.e. 30-30). Both the 8 and 7x57 are rimless.
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Old 08-22-2009, 02:47 PM
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I have one also. It is a sweet little rifle .. handy and all but packs a decent poke with it's small size .. not much rifle weight to absorb the round.

In fact, a buddy of mine was shooting it a couple years ago, and he has all false teeth. I warned him to hang on cuz we were shooting prone and I was curious how it would pan out .. after the first shot I heard him groan and swear and mumble.. I turned to find him picking up his upper plate and wiping a little blood from his fat lip. I have no idea to the day what he did wrong but I never had more fun saying "I told you so..." YOu can imagine what he had for me by way of words...

I recently bought a box of Hornady ammo (through Sportman's Guide) soft point with a 205 grain hunting round tucked into it. I haven't shot the new stuff yet but was thinking of going Monday and I'll report back.

I also have a large load of the Nazi marked ammo all wrapped up neat and tidy in the cardboard wrappers and in the 8 round clips ... Mine is marked 1936-38 and I've been thinking about looking into selling it if it will fetch a premium .. or hanging on to it for awhile.
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