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Savage 110 Package Rifle

Old 08-10-2009, 12:48 PM
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Default Savage 110 Package Rifle

A friend of mine has a Savage 110 Package Rifle. What kind of scope mounting system does this rifle come with? The rings are really cheap, and would like to replace them with better quality rings. The bases seem to be ok. Thanks.
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Old 08-10-2009, 01:16 PM
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Most package deals come with crap scopes and mounts. I'd immediately replace what's there.
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agreed. sorry can't help you with the answer...

the only scop package rifle combo I'd consider would be a quality used rifle setup...

No reason to buy a package combo if you're just going to sell the scope and mounts and replace them with something better.

Buy a rifle, buy a quality scope and mounts.
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Old 08-10-2009, 04:44 PM
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I bought the Savage package 110 in a .223. The rings are in my "junk" parts. The scope was actually a decent Simmons scope that I put on one of my 22's. It is a great 22 scope.

I bought another package Savage years ago in a 30.06. The scope and rifle shot good enough for a couple of years. I even killed a couple of elk with it.( one elk was 175 yard shot} Then one year I went to the mountains on an elk hunt. I stopped at the range to zero at hunting elevation. The rifle would not zero. After tightening bases and rings and trying again I realized the scope was bad. I ended up buying a new scope. I paid 350 dollars for a 200 dollar scope because I was in a small town in the mountains!!!. If you use the package scope on a gun with signifigant recoil, it will go bad soon enough.
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I say go for it. I puchased a savage package set in the 110 and it came with the low quality simmons scope. That being said, i still have this package gun with the same scope. Still shoots true. When it doesn't, i will buy a better scope/rings. but right now, it just flat out shoots and hits any deer i shoot at. I think its a great way to start. Savages have a rep for being accurate.

I have to be honest, i have good eyes, but i have other rifles with Nikon scopes and i can barely tell the difference. They all shoot good as long as they are sighted in and tight.
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The Savage 110 is about the cheapest and best rifle you can get for the cost. Granted if your are going to trash the rings and scope, dont buy the package deal, just buy the rifle. But i told my friend to buy the 110 last year and it works well for him, when i was 14 i had my mom buy the 110 and i used it for years before i upgraded (upgraded the scope a year later though). the gun will drive tacks out of the box for half the price of the competors and has been proven over the last few years to shoot better then almost every other manufactorer. There is a reason why Remington no longer has the ad campaigns saying the most accurate out of the box anymore. LOL. But if you have a choice, get the accu trigger, spend the extra cash its worth it.
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With the savage LA action I have had some trouble with the rings and getting the scope back far enough for the eye relief ,I went to Leupold offset rings and that solved my problems . The rings that came with the rifle just don't work for me I'm always having to pull up on the scope for final relief adjusment when shooting . On targets it maybe okay but on game no way I want to have to worry about settling the rifle in to shoot . .
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