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280 remington

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Default RE: 280 remington

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I kinda thought that was strange some of the gun companys dropping the 280. I dont own one, but I know its a great caliber.
My guess is the gun companies build what sells. They aren't geniuses, but they are smart enough to look at sales statistics. Why build them if no one buys them? With the vaunting of the .270 by Jack O'Connor still reverberating, with the fame and fable surrounding the .30-06, with the favorable reception of the 7 mm Magnum, with the great power of the .300 magnums . . . just how much sales omph do you suppose is left for the .280? What kind of guy buys a .280 as their first gun? What kind of guy buys a .280 when they already own a .30-06? What kind of guy buys a .280 when they already own a .270? When you get right down to it, it is probably the guy who owns two .30-06s, a .270, and maybe a .300 mag who just feels he has to have another middling powerful centerfire rifle and also has the necessary funds who buys the .280 . . . and that is probably a pretty thin demographic. This demographic means few sales.

Notwithstanding, I'm told the .280 is a fine cartridge. My son has said he would like to have a .280, just to have something different from most people.
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Default RE: 280 remington

I've been hearing the 280 Rem. is dead since i was a kid, and that's a long time ago now... Yet, it's still here, and ammo is still available...

I love my 280, and i've taken one heck of a lot of deer, blk. bear, caribou and other big game with it since i built it in the 70's...

I expect it will be around for a long time in the future too...

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Default RE: 280 remington

I own 30-06's, 270's, and several 300 Mags of various breeds. I love 'em all. But those who have never used a .280 Rem. to kill deer with just don't understand. There just seems to be something special about the way that 7MM does it's job. I've owned several .280's over the years and very highly recommend them. I will admit my go-to deer rifle anymore is a 7-08.... once again the 7MM cal., just because it's a little lighter for me anymore. Don't let anyone ever talk you out of a .280 Rem. if you want one. It's a real hammer.
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Default RE: 280 remington

I think Rem has had more to do with it's demise than anything else.When they introed the .280 they underloaded it so it would function smoothly in their new semi auto and pump actions.Same mistake Win made with the .284.Then they decided to give it a new (7mm Express) name along with more power.Then they went back to calling it the .280 again.
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Default RE: 280 remington

Don't forget the brief time it was labeled the "7mm06".
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Default RE: 280 remington

Never heard it called that but I have heard of a wildcat version by that name.Seems to be fairly popular.I just got some 30-06 brass I'm resizing to .280 if that counts.
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Default RE: 280 remington

I, for one, think the .280 is cool!
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Default RE: 280 remington

remington isn't remington anymore . if you remember they were sold to cerebus capital ( or something close to that ) so other people are calling the shots with regards to it , if you also remember , the new company said it was going to streamline or cut the fat off of the company ( or something that means the same thing ). so that may be the byproduct of it , and probably more of the same may soon be coming with other cartridges and rifle models in the current line up.
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Default RE: 280 remington

Initially thecartridge was named the 7 mm. Remington Express or somethinglike that. The main "competition" at the time was with the very popular 270 Win.Because sales of the 7 mm Remington Express were very sluggish from the get-go, Remington changed the cartridge name to the "280 Remington". The marketing ploy was to give the hunters the idea thatthe cartridge was "bigger" than the 270 Winchester. Not much truth in that and the idea didn't work. Sales never have been very good.

That is a shame because it is a great idea for a cartridge. In the hands of an accomplished hand loader, the 280 Rem. is about as versitlie as most 7 mm rounds. As mentioned, you can still find listings ofrifles that are chambered for the 280 Rem. Just don't expect to walk into any old gunshop and see a selectionfrom 2-3 makerssitting on the sales rack.Frankly of all the hunters I have come across over the past 47 years, I know of only one that uses the 280 Rem.In my view that explains it all.Good hunting round ... not popular.
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Default RE: 280 remington

I love my Rem .280 (700), but I got it years ago. I have had no trouble finding ammo for it either.
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