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Which short action cartridge?

Old 04-25-2003, 08:51 AM
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Default Which short action cartridge?

I am rebarrelling a Mod. 700 short action to one of three cartridges, 260 Rem., 7mm08, or the .308 Win.. I will be hunting whitetails that weigh anywhere from 75 lbs to 175 lbs. at ranges from 10-200 yards. I have extensive experience with the .308 using 165 gr. bullets and know that it is quite the deer slayer. I am not sure I want another simply because I have not used either of the other two cartridges. Would you please express your opinions on the capabilities and recommended loads for the other two cartridges. By the way, the barrel will be a sporter weight 20" matte finish from Shaw. Thanks.
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

I can highly recommend the 7mm-08 Rem as an alternative to the 308 Win. Both are excellent deer cartridges and I own both, but I love my 7mm-08 Rem. Great performance, light recoil and great accuracy. However, from what I have read about the 260 Rem it is also a great cartridge. I think you could close your eyes and pick any of the three and it would more than fit your needs. Ballistically they are all similar and the deer won' t really know the difference.
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

I' ll second the 7MM-08!
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

7mm-08 is supposed to be an amazing medium range deer getter. though i would get a 308 but that because i dont have. if you have a 308 get the 7mm-08 just to add a spice to life
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

Another vote for the 7mm-08.
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

Over the years i' ve used a 308,7mm-08 & 6.5x55(simular performance to a 260) on medium game(up to about 300 pounds) & all of them are deadly out to about 300 yards.

I' ve fired more rounds through a 308 than any other by A large margin but I do think the 7mm bullets perform better on game of thise size than any other.

I' v owned 3 7mm-08' s 0ver the years,they have all been accurate,pleasant to shoot & deadly on game.

I have found the 130 to 150 grain bullets in my 7mm-08 to be most effective on game.

My vote is definately for the 7mm-08.

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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

I' ve shot and killed game with all three, and they are all perfect for your needs. Since the 7mm-08 and the .260 kick less, I' d go with one of those.

I am going to be real honest here, and I am going to say that you will never see a lick of difference between the killing power of either. The sectional density and penetrating ability of both 6.5mm and 7mm bullets is legendary, and in my experience both cartridges are lethal all out of proportion to what paper ballistics would indicate. And if held to it, I' d say the .260 Rem is every bit as deadly, if not more so, than the 7mm-08.

For deer, in the 7mm-08, I' d use 139-150gr bullets. I' ve had the best luck with the 139gr Hornady Spire Point Interlock, 140gr Nosler Partition and the 145gr Speer Grand Slam. With the .260 Rem, 120-129gr bullets should work best for deer, with my personal favorites being the 125gr Nosler Partition and the 129gr Hornady Spire Point Interlock.

On elk, try the 150 or 160gr Nosler Partition in the 7mm-08 and the 140gr Nosler Partition, the 140gr Speer Grand Slam or 140gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw in the .260 Rem
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

I have used the 7mm-08 myself and that would be my choice as well.
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?

anyone will do fine for deer.
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Default RE: Which short action cartridge?


The wrinkle is what else do you want the gun to do.....Varmints?.....favor the smaller calibers.......Elk?.....favor the larger calibers

Bullet selection is a greater issue than the selection of either of these three fine cartridges
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Quick Reply: Which short action cartridge?

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