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Nontypical Buck
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Default Federal Fusion vs Federal Blue Box soft points

After reading the stories in the other thread about all the damage the blue box Federals are doing it got me wondering which is better on deer?
This is for a 30-06 BTW. The Fusions I've used are in 150 grain and the blue box ones are 150 grain also.
I bought a box at a gun show today. I've had trouble finding them locally as Wal-Mart seems to be sold out and I've checked 2. One I've looked for them before. They seem to be fairly hard to find so I snagged a box up today at the gun show.

Anyway, I'm not sure how much rifle will like them as I've had a lot of issues with it shooting other bullets accurately. However, it really likes the Federal Fusions. I'm hoping it will like these but not sure yet.

That being said what's the best for deer? I shot one doe at about 150 yards with the Fusion in 150 grain this year and the doe just flopped over and didn't move 2 feet from where it was when I shot. However, the Fusion didn't do a lot of damage. It left about a 1" hole straight through the deer. Didn't leave a big hole or destroy much but it did drop the deer right then and there. It sounds like these soft points in the blue box are doing lots of damage.
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Default RE: Federal Fusion vs Federal Blue Box soft points

fusions are supposed to be a bonded bullet. They should exit everytime and the bullet will not break up in the animal. My brother uses them in his 3006 and he likes them real well. He wants an exit wound to help with tracking a deer if it runs off. He has shot 4 deer I think with these bullets and hasnt lost one yet.

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Default RE: Federal Fusion vs Federal Blue Box soft points

I shoot 165 grain Fusions in my 3006 and have had small holes straight thru and the deer simply fall down at the shot. What more does anyone need? You don't need big holes or blood trails if they don't run off.
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Default RE: Federal Fusion vs Federal Blue Box soft points

I have used the Fusion and the blue box (Powershoks?) in my 30-06. I'll pay a little more for them because I have had better bullet weight retention with them out of deer I have shot.
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