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Fusion Ammo

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ORIGINAL: hometheaterman
It did die right then and there and I was happy with it however, after them all saying how it didn't do much damage and that I should switch bullets. They all are very good shots and seem to do very well hunting btw so that's why I listened to them. I was afraid on a big buck that it wouldn't just drop it like it did with the doe. The doe isn't going to take near as much to kill as a large buck would so I was afraid that it wouldn't have done that to a buck. Is it a good deer bullet to use? So basically I don't need one that is going to expand and do a ton of damage?


For deer, I want an expandingbullet, but I want it to expand just when it enters the vitals. When I was talking about flat nosed, hard cast bullets for large game I was referring to large game animials in Africa. This is why the game rifles there are large in diameter with lots of powder driving the hard cast, flat nosed bullet.

I commend you for asking the bullet question on this forum. You have learned the lesson that just because someone is a good shot (they could also just been lucky)does not mean they understand bullet performance and/or ballistics. Sometimes the ones who talk the most are the ones we should listen to the least, if at all. You errored on the side of caution, and I can't argue with that. I have not studied the Fusion bullet (I have looked at them in the stores) nor have I shot this bullet. This may be a very good bullet.

You mentiond that your rifle has become picky on ammo. Check to make sure that all the bolts and screws are tight on the action, barrel, barrel/action to stock, bases,rings, etc. DoNOT over-tighten! Also clean the bore ofyour rifle if it has not been cleaned. Be careful when doing this so you do not damage the rifling and crown. Afirearm should be cleaned regularly.
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Default RE: Fusion Ammo

I have been shooting 165 grain Fusions in my 3006 and every deer I have shot in the front shoulder area has dropped right there with small holes in and out. I've had only one deer run after being hit and that was my fault because I hit her lower leg instead of up in the shoulder. Based on my 2 years hunting with this bullet and 40 years hunting altogether I'm really impressed with Fusions and will keep using them. By the way my bucks dropped just as fast as the does. Bang,flop, What more could you ask of a bullet.
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I use 165gr Fusion in my .308. I really like them, they are consistantly very accurate. They shoot identical to the cheap federal 150gr in my gun so i use the cheapo's for practice and the Fusion for hunting. I killed two doe that left pretty nice exit wounds and both of them dropped instantly.
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Default RE: Fusion Ammo

I have used Fusions since they came out a few years ago with reliable, excellent results. I have never failed to get a complete pass through with nice internal expansion and damage with broadside and quartering shots from a 30.06. Similar results with a .270 and .243 loads. Great bullet at a reasonable price in my opinion.

One doesn't need super-premium bullets when shooting standard, non-magnum" calibers tocleanly take whitetails. I amsure there are many on this forum that have killed far more deer than me, so Idon't consider myselfan expert on this subject. Of the 40-50 deer I've taken in the past 15 -20 years I can tell you that I can only remember one buck in which the bullet didn't exit, and that was because it hit the spine and blew-up (a Hornaday 180gr spire-point bullet in the light magnum loads they offered in 30.06). That deer was DRT, so I didn't care that the bullet blew up - it did the job.

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I had similiar results as you have described. My ruger m77 in 30.06 groups fusion ammo better than anything I have tried. I was using winchester ballistic silvertips before this and when I switched to fusion I was concerned about the small exit wounds. The ballistic silvertips made everything look like it had been hit by a grenade. The fusions did not do that. However, every deer that I have hit well with the fusions died on the spot. Great bullet, very accurate out of my guns and doesn't destroy as much meat. Just don't expect the exit wound to look like a crater. The end result has always been good with fusions for me.
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Default RE: Fusion Ammo

I had great sucess with them up untill this year. For one I couldnt hit crap with them, and second of all they changed their poweder this last year. Found it very hard to clean the gun. I found out from a Gun Shop owner thatFederalchanged the powder, they went to a cheaper powder. Nedless to say i will have a half of box collecting dust.
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Originally Posted by hometheaterman
I shot a large doe yesterday at around 150 yards. Well, large for a doe. I hit it right around the front shoulder area and the bullet just went on in and didn't do that much damage. Just left a small hole through. Everyone there was saying how bad that looked. Now when I shot the doe just flopped over and died pretty quickly however, I'm not sure it would have done that with a bigger deer as it didn't do a lot of damage just left a hole through it.
I just joined this forum and just found this thread.

I'm glad I'm not alone in noticing this. I have had similar experiences with Fusion 130 gr in 270 Win.

I have taken about 50 deer in the past 25 years with the same 270rifle I got for college graduation... I use either 130 or 140 gr bullets and the deer usually are dead right there(DRT). I have used any one of the big three makers with great success. But I digress....

Over the past maybe three years, I have noticed the Fusions do not leave much of an exit wound at any range and the deer go A LOT further after the shot.
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When the fusions first came out they performed real well. Over the last 2 years something changed with them. Not sure what though. I read that they changed the powder type. They didnt seem as accurate as they once were and cleaning the fouling was nearly impossible after they changed the powder. I shoot 165gr. We tried nearly every cleaning solvent imaginable to clean my 308 and nothing was working. I then tried bore butter and that was the only thing that removed the deposits. I will not be using fusions again. Looks like the Federal Premium Sierra Game Kings are back now in 165gr.
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Proving once again that shot placement is everything.
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Originally Posted by wis_bow_huntr
I will not be using fusions again. Looks like the Federal Premium Sierra Game Kings are back now in 165gr.
This is an awesome bullet, best that I've ever used. I suspect that the Fusion bullets act differently because they start with a lead slug and plate a thick layer of copper on it. I bet that the lead is harder than with copper jacketed bullets.
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