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Default HELP

Wanting a new gun. I dont need one I just want one. I am either going to get a Remington 700 SPS, or a Savage Model 111 synthetic with the accu trigger. The caliber will be in 7mm. Which one would you guys get, or prefer, and why? I already have a 700 in .270, and I kind of want the accu trigger. Help me out
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Default RE: HELP

Go with the Savage. I have 2. Very accurate out of the box.
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Default RE: HELP

I had the Savage in 7 mag and loved it. It was made before the accu-triggers. The trigger I had was great, any improvement would make it perfect.
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Default RE: HELP

They're both good, but if you want the accutrigger go for it.
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Default RE: HELP

I have 2 Remington 700's, and love them both. I just bought a Savage 93 17 Hmr, and I love the accu-trigger. I've owned a Savage 30.06 that worked for me for years, but this is my first accu-trigger. As much as I love my Remington 700's, this 17 is the most accurate non military rifle I've ever shot. I think you would do great with either, I'm just loving my accu-trigger very much right now!!!
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Default RE: HELP

I own a 700 CDL in .30-'06, and I wanted a 7mm-08. I considered the Savage 11FHNS and the 700 SPS. The SPS felt better in my hands, but I'd already had a Savage MkIIBV .22lr that won me over with the Accu-Trigger. I opted for the Savage this time.

I got it out to the range last week, & wasn't able to get it sighted in due to the ineptitude of the Bass Pro Shops personnel who mounted the scope in a . 5-a$$ed manor.

My impressions, so far, are thus:

1) I wanted a short action, & the SPS had it, but the Savage seems to have a long-action bolt throw.
2) I haven't gotten used to the center box magazine on the Savage. It seems hard to get the shells into the right spot, & they bind up being too far forward, or too far back.
3) The action was absolutely swimming in the stock, and the allen screws at the trigger guard, and in the magazine well, were all incredibly loose
4) There were more tooling marks in the finish than I'd been led to belive Savage had in their current production
5) The AccuTrigger is SUBLIME!

The scope's been remounted, & I'll be out again next week to try 'er out. If this rifle shoots as well as people are telling me I sould expect, items 1-4 will be forgiven. If not, at least it didn't cost an arm & a leg... and I didn't have to get a trigger job!

For the money, I don't think you could beat either one. I kind of forced myself out of my comfort zone, thinking I could talk more intelligently about different products if I'd actually owned & operated them. Besides, who's to say that I couldn't go buy another CDL in 7mm-08? I hear they'll let me do that in this fine country that God has let us call HOME!

God Bless,

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Default RE: HELP

Go for the Savage. Not that is better than the Rem. just my preference.
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