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im still a junior hunter looking for a first rifle(right now i use my uncles). Any recomendations
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I'd get a .308 or 30-06 because ammo is readily available and goes on sale frequently in the fall. When the stuff goes on sale, pick up as much ammo as your budget allows and shoot, shoot, shoot.
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i woud look into savage they are cheap i agree about the 308 and30-06 but also the 270 243 or the 243 wssm but the wssm ammo is gonna be more expencive and harder to find
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If you want a one caliber, "do it all", keep it forever type gun, get a 30.06. I like the Remington 700.

But if you want a mostlydeer caliber type gun, get a 7mm/08, 308 or 270.

The 308 is popular, accurate and short action. You can get it in a lighter shorter type rifle. The same with the 7mm/08. It isn't as popular, YET, but it is gaining popularity. My son has onein a Browning Micro Madalion. It is a sweet rifle.

The .270 is big enough to take bigger animls than deer. It is also popular. Being popular means you can find shells just about anywhere and get them cheaper. It shoots flat and doesn't have the recoil of an '06.

Shoulder several and check prices. see what you like.

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I say 7mm-08. You say you're a "junior" hunter, do you mean you're young?

What caliber is the gun you're using right now?
7mm-08 has a low recoil, but the 30-06 has some pretty heavy recoil.
Both are high-power.
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300 Win Mag.
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I agree with the caliber they are saying but it depends on your size you say your a junior does that mean your young? young and small? cause if you are small in stature i thinkyou should go with a .243 first then you can always work up to something with a little more punch. but if you know how to handle a "bigger" caliber then i would go with any of these .308, 30-06, .270, 7mm, or a .338. but it really depends if your going to be hunting anyother game with it. but hell i like just about eery caliber so im probably a bad person to act.
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I started off my first 3 yeras of hunting witha 30-06 and im 15 now and going to buy a 7mm mag.
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In my opinion the 30-06 is the all around gun for North America. The range of bullets you can make or buy is of the greatest variety.All you have to do is decide what brand you want. Good luck.
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Not knowing what type of terrain and game you will be hunting, I will suggest 3. All are suitable for deer sized game out to 300 yards. (if you can do your part) 7mm-08, 308, and 270win All are proven rounds in capable hands.
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