Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.


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But if you want a mostlydeer caliber type gun, get a 7mm/08, 308 or 270.
Same here!
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30-06, the recoil really isn'tbad if you hold it tight to your shoulder and let your whole body absorb the recoil, meaning your arms should be the only thing that is tight when you shoot, everything else should move and roll to absorb the recoil.
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You definetly dont needa 300 win mag or a 7 mag those are like elephant guns, you dont have to get a big gun anything from a 22-250 up to a 30-06 is just fine, but unless you plan on elk or moose hunting you dont need a 300win mag or 7mag from 50 yards a 300 min mag will send a running deer backwards, deer are thin skinned, it doesn't take much.
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I agree with most here in that up to a 30-06 should be all you need. It's all I've ever hunted with........and a side note (don't know if others feel the same).......after all the deer I've shot.....not once have I felt the recoil!!

Choose a gun you're comfortable with and which suits your style of hunting. I walk a lot, which is why I would never get rid of my Husquavarna.....very light and easy to handle.

Hope this helps!
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I've a .270 now. Had .308 in the past. I think the .30-06 has them both beat for all around versatility though.
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I am not going to get into the caliber debate, but I will say that if you are young, and / orof small to medium stature, or just a bit recoil conscious, that Remington and Federal both make a mild recoil ( Remington ) or low recoil ( Federal ) round for the .308 and 30.06. The rounds are both good out to 200+ yards, and are accurate. They will cleanly take deerfrom0 to 200+ yards and have the recoil of a .243 round. I would suggest a bolt action gun, if you useeither of these rounds,becausewith the reduced powder charge, they will not completely cycle a semi-automatic andfully eject at spent case.But for a bolt action rifle they are great. And if or when you decide to shoot full charge rounds, you have a gun that is ready to take them. It is the best of both worlds.

I got some of both and tried them in my wifes 30.06 and was very pleased with both brands. As have been others here on this site.

Good luck and God Bless.

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im not small , in PA they have junior hunters and senior hunters over 16 yrs old
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the .270win is pretty good. i shoot 130 grain bullet in a remington 700.
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Hello Phantom,
I have a 30-06 in remington mod 700 and it is true it is an awsome all around cartridge. I hunted for many years with it. Then I saw an article in Buckmaster about the Remington Mod 7 chambered in the .260 Panther. Many years later I have still yet managed to hunt with my -06 again. Everytime I reach for the -06 I end up with the .260 in my hand. It is lite, easy to wield in a treestand, and it really does work very well with younger hunters and women. Now I am not a small bodied hunter and I still enjoy the Mod 7 Remington in Stainless Steel. The Bullet itself has more sectional density than an -06 and it is devistating to deer. So far with the rifle I have taken a 9, five 8's and an 11ptr with the latest 8 yesterday.

One advantage of the .260 with deer is that the cartridge is not so over powered that the bullet expends if not all, most of its energy inside the animal. The deer I shot yesterday was shot at 50 yards coming down a bank into a mountainside ravine. The pointed softpoint corelocked bullet liquified the lungs and the heart. I had to rake what was left out of the carcus. It is an awsome round worth a look. Good luck and good hunting
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You can't go wrong with a Stevens 200(under $300.00)in a 30-06, 270 win. 7mm-08 ,308 win.
These calibers you can cleanly take any game in North America, EXCEPT the Great Bears..but many have been taken with the 30-06 but it wouldn't be my choice ,I would hate to be Bear Crap !


But you may want a Lever gun then you have the 30-30, 35 Rem. 444 M and the 45-70 and 450 M... My favorite is a Marlin 375 which is is a 375 Win. Caliber... The 444 M ,375 Win. 45-70 and 450 Marlin can take care of any game North America
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