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30 06 shooters

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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

1910 fps ?
Federal does two loads in the blue boxes, one is high shock and the other is Low Recoil, I would imagine that is the low recoil load he is talking about. Either that or a .30/30?

Really, the bullet type and grain are the most important, as well as your budget. If you are just a casual deer shooter who just wants minute of deer accuracy at 100 yards, just about anything in the 150 or 165 class will do the job. you don't need a bonded bullet, or a ballistic tip, although both will do the job.

The Core-lokts would be fine for you. Those or the Win Power points, or some Sierra Game Kings from Federal. Whatever, suits your taste and budget. Just shoot a few 3 shot groups to make sure you rifle can put them inside of 2" and you will be fine or anything out to 150 yards or so.
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

The new Remington Corelokt ultra is really good and shoots good in my savage. Federal has the premium ammo line and is available with the Nosler Partition. This bullet has almost mythic status amongst big game hunters.
If I were you, I would pick a bullet and find the factory ammo that has the bullet and weight you want.
My buddy swears by the Swift A Frame. Another buddy used to use the Winchester Silvertip but now uses the Winchester Failsafe.
I use the lowly plain Jane Remington ammo with the original Core lokt.\
For deer sized game most of the good ammo will suffice. I just buy the Core Lokt because it's cheap and shoot good in my mauser.
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

i personally have killed deer with Sierra HPBT, SPBT, winchester power points(realized i groundhog hunted all year and never shot anything else) and winchester ballistic silver tip(NBT with coating) all were 165gr..except the winchester ballistic tips..168. Oh ya..chaulk one up for a 180gr round nose corelokt. of them all ive taken 9 deer. couple with both sierras and 3 with powerpoints. ive always been a fan of ballistic tips..both sierras performed flawlessly...the powerpoints were terrific..3 deer in their tracks..the corelokt...well...thats a funny story..point blank shot..heart and lungs fell out of the exit hole..exit hole was the size of my fist. deer was a 2nd deer. made it like 150yds!!!!!

i will admit to LOOSING...2 deer. both with 165gr PSP corelokts. before i get flammed let me tell the story please. i worked all summer cutting lawns to buy my own deer rifle. someone gave my dad a shotgun scope for me to put on it..said he barely used it. i think it was simmons or tasco. first year on it it worked great. second year i lost one, missed one and wounded another. after that i QUIT deer hunting. took the scope off to give to dad for a slug gun...was going to sell the mauser and quit hunting. i been shooting all my reason i should miss standing deer or wound them..exspecially 30yds away with a scope the gunsmith was boresighting the scope and adjusted the magnification..when he did the crosshairs MOVED! never consistant..just moved significantly every time the magnification was adjusted! sooooo although i cannot blame the ammo soley for the loss of 2 deer i feel a deer shot at 30yds with a 3006 should certainly leave more then ONE drop of blood at one spot and a 30yds pin drop trail on another!! dad is a seasoned bowhunter and tracked both..hes GOOD..never found anything more. i watched him track deer with NO blood before..not bashing corelokts....more deer died death due to them then any other bullet out there i bet.....but if i aint shootin groundhogs i aint shooting corelokts! and from my groundhog hunting i think the corelokts expand way to rapidly...i think they were blowing up upon impact..gnated i had a busted scope(sighted in perfect because i left the magnification alone) and i have no idea where either deer were hit..thats just my story and why i wont shoot them. i shot one almost clear through the body with a power point(same price as corelokts) entered the brisket..out just before the far ham...deer dropped like a train off a bridge..and the bullet recomend them over corelokts
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

I have about 7 people that I hunt with that use 06's (including myself till last year) and most of them have been hunting for over 20 years and have shot 150 gr. rem. corelocks for all that time and have never had any problems with them. That's what I used when I still used a 06 and what I use now with a 7mm-08 and every deer I shot was a one hit kill. I would say go with the 150 corelocks if you're just deer hunting and you shouldn't look back.
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

Ditto what you guys said. I don't think youneed to get fancy with deer bullets. Rem. Core-loks are excellent (thats why their still around) Win. Power Points are great. I shoot Hornady BTSP.For deer I alwasy opt for a soft point that willstay together and mushroom fast. I shoot 150 grainers in my 06'.At one time I shot Nosler Ballistic Tips and Partitions. They group well but the performance on deer is not what I like. I'm sure their fine for elk.
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

When I shoot factory loads in the 30-06, I like the Federal Blue Box ammo loaded with 150 grain Speer GS bullets. They adversise 1910 fps and thats just what the clocked from my 7600 Rem. In my gun they were also very accurate.
That was a typo should have been 2910fps for the 150gr GS (federal blue box). They don't load this bullet in a reduced load!

150-180 grain will work. Price being an issue then look at federal blue boc, winchester x and rem corelokt. Though the only way is trial and error. Maybe you'll get lucky and pick a great shooting bullet of the bat. Then again maybe not, but look at the bright side at least you'll get more shooting in that way and enjoy your new rifle even more.

Huntingmay not bethe cheapest way to put meat on the table but recon it is a fun way too!
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

ORIGINAL: .44 Cooter

i wish i had a cuple hundred bucks to drop down on a bunch of ammo to see which one worked the best. i guess i could try 2 diff kinds and see.
ORIGINAL: Chantecler111

By shooting it in your rifle, and seeing which one shoots best.
drop a couple hundred bucks and start handloading
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

I am sorry, thats 2910 fps. Senior moment.
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters em try em...decide
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Default RE: 30 06 shooters

Well I killed most of my 06 deer with the 180 gr Winchester Power Point -Soft point round nose. Hehehhee I have never had deer go down that quick with anything else. Dropped like the Hammer of
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