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270 WSM

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Default 270 WSM

Hello all. Long time lurker, first time posting. Could someone give me the pros and cons of the 270 WSM?? I'm looking to buy a rifle tohunt deer (Kansas whitetail and/or mule deer)where shots up to 300 yards arenot uncommon. I've been scouring the area shops and came across what appears to be a good deal on a gun that has only had a few shots fired through it. I've borrowed my father-in-laws 243 a couple years now (it's the only rifle I've ever shot so my reference point is limited)but I'm hooked so I would like to buy my own.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

A .243 can take down a Mule Deer as good as any rifle of greater caliber can, just place your shot well.
If you want more power, get a 30-06.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

That 270 wsm would be a sweet long range round. Just remember to practice at the range you intend to shoot up to. Besides that...if you want it and it fits you right...go for it!!! That round will hammer about anything farther than most of us could ever hit with
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Default RE: 270 WSM

I have one in a browning a-bolt. It is a very good whitetail/mule deer round.I havent loaded for it yet so still shooting factroy round win. 150 gr. sp they worked just fine on the deer I have taken with it.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

The 270 WSM is a long range cartridge as previously mentioned. I’ve only practiced shooting out to 200 yards but it’s capabilities are twice that distance with practice. I really like the short action. The recoil on the 270 WSM will definitely be more then the 243 but manageable. I’ve loaded for mine with the 140 gr. Accubond but haven’t found that perfect load yet. Good luck...
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Default RE: 270 WSM

The 270 wsm is a hammer of thor. It flat puts the smack down on deer. Its ballisticly (sp?) identical to the 270 weatherby with better accuracy potential. I would rate Recoil as moderate ( I rate the 243 as light). its a winner, go for it!
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Default RE: 270 WSM

I really like mine. I have not shot any game with it yet but its very accurate and paxcks a litle more whop than the 270 Win. Which has plenty of what it takes to hunt NA big game. You can't go wrong with the 270 or 270 WSM.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

Thanks for the replies everyone. The only downsideI could findwould betheprice and possible availabilityof ammo (since I don't load my own). But several of the local stores do carry at least a couple boxes of ammo so I should be ok.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

If you never owned a WSM before, you can go up in caliber with lessfeltrecoil climb than the regular mag offerings. I would suggest the 7-Mil or the .300-WSM instead. I have the .270 and .300 WSM. Hardly ever use the .270 nowadays.
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Default RE: 270 WSM

bt, I am going to be somewhat contrary to the others posts. I would recomend you get a 'stadard' cartridge. In your situation, first gun, I would recommend a 308, 270, 30-06 or 7mm Rem. Look hard for a 270 or 30-06.

I am sure the 270wsm is a fine round. If you bought one you would likely be happy. It will do anything the other rounds will do. I consider it a cartridge for someone who already has a safe full of guns, not as a first gun.

Good luck and good hunt'n
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