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Turkey shoot questions

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Turkey shoot questions

Old 02-15-2006, 06:46 PM
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Default Turkey shoot questions

Any other turkey shooters in here? (The contest...not the bird) I have become slightly addicted...and have found that my Win Model 12 from 1911 is a suitable gun for this reason.

Most shooters at my particular shoot have "special" weapons for this purpose. Most are scoped, and choked to death. Some are even back bored to allow the shot to open up more in the barrel and then slam down to a tighter pattern upon exit. Most barrels are also rifled (grooved, not twisted) to create more consistent patterns.

I have also shotmy old '97 and my 1100. The Model 12 is hands down the best. Last sunday, I won3 of30 shoots...and there were about 40 shooters there. The problem is that the sameguys win the other shoots...and they have their guns tweeked.

Here's the only rules for our shoots...

1. No rest (kneeling is OK)
2. Their shells
3. .670 rod must fit in the barrel.

My question is...should I spend the $$$ for another gun for this reason, of should I spend a little money and "trick" out my H&R for just turkey shooting. (The H&R is now a 223...but I mean buy a longer 12 ga barrel)

Here's my logic in working on my H&R. First off, it's cheap to get a new barrel for my existing gun. Second...I need no second shot. Third...they sell 30" barrels with choke tubes for $80, installed and shipped. I have a Unertl scope 4X that would be the cat's ass for this reason. All I'd need is a mount on the barrel, and I'd be set.

Any suggestions?

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Old 02-25-2006, 10:42 PM
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Default RE: Turkey shoot questions

Turkey shoots are very popular here in central Alabama,and some spend large ammounts of money on their guns. I used to go to them some years ago and the Win. mod 97 single barrel was one of the most consistant winning guns to be found. That was then this is now, at a shoot now you will see bull barrel guns and lathe turned chokes. T o be competive you have to spend lots of money. To me it's no longer fun, as i'de rather go down to my cabin and punch paper with a rifle. The rifle measures your skill and not just how much you can spend. At some shoots they will let you shoot .22 rifles with open sights only, no scopes and no peep sights. That isn't a problem,the problem is you have to shoot from their box of ammo. And if your gun wont shoot it your in trouble,just giving them money. So it's kinda rigged, they pick a brand their gun likes and your screwed. I've just quit going at all!
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Old 02-26-2006, 10:51 AM
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Default RE: Turkey shoot questions

Pro-Line, check out www.turkeyshoot.net
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Old 02-26-2006, 11:08 AM
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Default RE: Turkey shoot questions

Model 12s are always good with a 30" full. Old Rem.1100 2 3/4 with 30"full ,Model 37 win.30" full.All are good for stock shoots.I have a Model37 that a model 37 at the lock up point ,Model 12 chamber,and 36" of water pipe,scope.....LOL It is .640 does #9s really well at 70 feetdoes not like 8s that much.I had an old timer from Stuart Va. build mine His Name was Foley (R.I.P.) he was the best around here.I have been to what they call "Super Shoots" in the Richmond Va. area.They use 60" barrels and have $10,000 purses.
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Old 02-27-2006, 07:03 AM
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Default RE: Turkey shoot questions

We have tons of them here and hundreds of people go to them (not the same one but different ones on different nights) but no one here gets that serious about it, ive never seen anyone out there in all my years useing a fancy gun like that, every once in awhile someone will come out with a goose gun but thats about it, everyone just brings what they hunt with, so everyone here has a fair chance from the guy with the goose gun down to the 7 year old with a single shot .410. Our only rule is use their shells, they dont check chokes and you can rest the gun all you want they actually have a fence put up to rest on with 3 levels so the kids can rest their guns on it to. I hope that ours never get as serious as yours its alot more fun our way. Its all about the luck here.
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Old 02-27-2006, 07:18 AM
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Default RE: Turkey shoot questions

The last turkey shoot I participated in took place at a pistol match in Yuma, AZ. It consisted of one shot from the pistol or revolver of your choiceat an axe blade set up at 25 yards with a baloon on each side. $0.50 per shot. In order to win, you had to hit the axe sufficiently dead-center to get a piece of the bullet to shave off each side and break both baloons.

My whole pistol team entered (4 people) and three of us won a turkey, bang, bang, bang, three in a row!! I used my Colt Officers' Model .38 Special with wadcutter ammo. This revolverwas a special "single-action only" version of the Officer's Model .38 Special Match revolver, and was extremely accurate with a great trigger! One of the guys on the team had done this stunt before, and he told me "aim at the bottom edge of the axe blade. The bullet will split, and the pieces will go UP and back." I did, and it worked!

The shoot sponsors wouldn't let any of my team shoot again! $1.50, three turkeys.......can't complain!
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