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7mm WSM ?

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Default RE: 7mm WSM ?

The 7WSM is "DOA" and you will see it go away. Wholesale demand for the 7WSM has basically HALTED across the industry (I shouldn't say halted because it practically never began. But for those of us who DID order them and then sat on them for 3-4 times longer than we did 270-300WSMs you will NEVER see us order another one!) and some makers who initially offered the 7WSM are actually beginning to drop them now. Beretta picked up the 7WSM lastyear for the Sako/Tikka with hopes they would take off in Europe (they already knew it was dead in the U.S.) because the European market is a much larger "metric" market than here stateside. My Beretta rep recently told me that they are going to drop the 7WSM for lack of sales.

Doesn't mean it's a bad caliber, probably the best for the handloader. The 7WSM case is slightly longer than the 270-300WSM case to prevent the 7WSM from being accidentally fired from a 270WSM. That would make it that much more capable to be "STUFFED" by the handloader. But the difference is still splitting hairs. If I owned a 7WSM I wouldn't worry but if I were buying a new WSM for the first time I would stick with either the 270 or the 300 version.


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Default RE: 7mm WSM ?

thanks for the response Red,
I know that the 7mm wsm isn't very popular and is descending from the mediocre insales.

But can youexplain if my assertion is correct about the ballistic tables regarding factory ammo andalthough some may consider the charts "padded optimistically" wouldn't they be padded across the board and what do you think of the overall performance of the wsm v rem mag with the factory load?

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Default RE: 7mm WSM ?

In the case of the one Federal load, it may on paper out perform the 7MM Rem but overall, it just doesn't happen. When you get to the heavier bullets according to Sierra, the 7mm Rem. will produce 150 fps more than the 7MM WSM. Simply a lack of room for powder in the WSM when longer bullets are used. Also, folks that I have talked to claim that when chronographing the actual loads at the range that the WSM does not quite live up to the claims. I think that its a fine performer but if I didn't reload, I wouldn't touch one.

I have a 270 WSM on order or I should say on layway at this time and am anxious to try it out.
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Default RE: 7mm WSM ?

I think that we are all missing thee point of the WSM's here- the point was toDUPLICATE or exceed the factory ballistics in a SHORT ACTION RIFLE. The 7mm was indeed delayed as they changed the shoulder on the case to avoid issues with the .270WSM being fired by mistake. As far as performance, it matches/slightly exceeds the 7mm up to 160g bullets with LESS powder. I'm a big 7mm rem fan, but my SS A-bolt in 7mm WSM is quicly becoming my go to gun-its light, accurate and strong enough for anything from deerto elk. IMHO the 7mm WSM is a good round that will stick in the market for a while as people discover its merits,it may never outsell its brothers, but the 7mm Rem doesnt outsell the .270/.30-06/.308 either! Take a closer look and you might find it attractive too!
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Default RE: 7mm WSM ?

I have owned many guns and many different calibers but this one is by far the best Rem 700 action in 7mmwsm Hart barrel it only weighs 6.7lbs and it tacs under .125" and it shoots very flat with 140gr Nosler at 3300 fps
you would be very happy with this caliber
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