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Good long-range deer calibers.

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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.


I'm using a .270 Ackley as wellas a .26-06 Ackley as long range deer rifles - I'll bet the 6.5-06 Ackley would be a great one as well. As would the 6.5-284 and the .264 Win Mag.

My only issue with the 6.5MM guns is the lack of bullet selection. American bullet companies seem to overlook this caliber and put their eggs in the .270 basket. Yes there are a few good hunting bullets in .264; but I might grow old waiting for a Scirocco or Accubond to come out.
I totally agree. David Tubb won the national match for years with the 6.5. The bullet is so incredibly effecient. Even in the 6.5X55 Ackley, it's a winner. I'm going to build a 6.5X'06 Ackley soon and will report when tested. Regards, Rick.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

What are som high-quality scopes that won't break the bank?
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

Unfortunately high quality and low price don't oftengo together as far as optics are concerned.However the 3x9x40bushnell elite 3200 is agood scope for the money.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

i shoot a 270. and a 300 min mag.. both are very good at long ranges... i shot a deer at 311 yrds last year with the 270 and she dropped in her tracks.. i havent used the 300 to hunt deer becuase i feel it is "over kill" but i use it at the range alot.. because i plan oin going elk hunting in the near future.. but neways.. i practice at 300 yrds and it shoots pretty close to my 270 but with alot more you should look into a 6mm my friend has one and he swears by it.. constantly gets deer at obsured ranges and he has shot 2 elk with it.. so maybe you should check one of them out..
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

I'd like to second the recommendation of the Bushnell 3200 as a "best buy" scope. I have four the10X w/mildots in the 3200. Mostly on varmint rifles. They do everything well for under $200.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

I got the 110 in 7mm. I wanted the 111g, but it wasn't in stock and didn't come in a package deal. They said the scope would be ok for this year at least. I got them to price match the package with Walmart for like $416 so I got a better deal. They sold my dad on reduced recoil shells so he made me get them. A guy I know at Basspro told me that if a 30-06 was ok with me then regular 7mm shells would be fine to get so I got some BSTs too. I'm hopin' I got a shooter. We're off school Tuesday so I think I'm gonna sight it in. What would the MPBR of a reduced load be? I'll probably use it for deer unless the accuracy is poor. I'm kinda holding off on the full loads 'till I get a better recoil pad, the one on there looks pretty pitiful. If I use the regular BSTs, around two and a half inches high at 100 yards and it should be good out to 300 right? Thanks for all the input you guys have had.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

don't even look at the word ackley unless you are an experienced handloader

as for choices of first all around rifle... the good ole '06 is hard to beat for price, variety and versatility... and it'll handle anything in north america except for the big bears...

and just think... it pretty much won WWII
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

I will start this deer season with a 270. I have a 2.8X10 Aetec scope on it. This combo will be darn hard to beat for shot as far out as a guy should be taking. Total cost of the package 555.00. Rifle, scope, ringsabd bases. The new Aetecs took a big price jump but there are still some of last years model around for about 110.00 with shipping. You can look high and low and not find a better scope with as good of reviews than the Aetec. As others have said, the 3200 Bushnell is a darn good scope as well. Also look as the Swift Premiers and the Sightrons.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.


I doubt your ready for this type of gun but it may be something to work towards someday.... but after 25 years of deer hunting withallot of various gun types and calibers you name it- I settled on a nottoo expensive Remington Model 700 Bolt Action -300Ultra Mag,Sendero, Stainless Steel, Fluted 26 inch barrel, with Synthetic Stock. I use Remington Swift Scirroco Bonded 180 grains bullet (not the Nosler). I have it set at 2.75 inches high at 100 yard and have effectively taken deer at 400 yard (practice at the range all you can). This rifle is exremely flat shooting and very deadly. However, my recomendation in your case would be the Remington Sendero in the 30-06 caliber using the Remington Swift Scirroco.
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Default RE: Good long-range deer calibers.

Have a custom made rifle in 7mm300 built. I'm sure you would be happy with it.
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Quick Reply: Good long-range deer calibers.

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